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  1. Xcentrik187

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    hey everyone i've been checkin out this site for quite awhile, but i didn't feel worthy to join until my first build was complete, and so as you can see I have joined due to completing it a little earlier this week. I saw a huffy cranbrook that looked sooo good i had to throw a motor onto it, so i bought it and installed a Flying Horse 66/80cc motor from zoombicycles on it :D and through much headache i've gotten it up and running and have been breaking it in for a few days, and it flies so far :cool2: my newest problem however has to do with the chain tensioner, no matter how much i tighten it, it slips sideways into the spokes. i'm contemplating simply removing it and taking some links out of the chain. is that safe? anyway greetings to all :grin5: better pics coming soon btw

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  2. BAM

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    some people tack weld bracket to bike wont move then good luck with yours
  3. Xcentrik187

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    thanks man, i'll keep that in mind :D
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I haven't been "Under the Big Sign" in well over a year.
    Nice looking build. Adding a front brake may save you a lot of pain, as cars will turn in front of you, oblivious to your presence.
  5. Turtle Tedd

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    Welcome...Front brake for that chain tensioner ,,I/8 or 3/16 will do it..
  6. Xcentrik187

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    thanks guys, i'll definitely get some brakes (i've already had a couple close calls) and after looking for a few solutions i've decided to change from the 415 chain to a 41, and most likely remove the tensioner altogether. i got the tensioner to stay still but somehow some links broke off the 415 while i was riding making it too short :snobby: