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  1. trickythom

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    Can anyone out there point me in a good direction for built wheels?
    12/ 11g spokes
    front drum
    shimano cb-e110 coster or rear drum
    want to put on a manic mechanic rear sprocket adaptor.

    I need to build a better bike. This cheap mountain bike I have will not serve me or my needs.


  2. wheelbender6

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    Google Husky bicycles. They sell good wheels. Worksman used to sell drum wheels on their site.
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  3. 2/75 RANGER LRRS

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    New Wheels

    I just bought me some nice ones at PistonBikes. Here are some choices:



    http://www.pistonbikes.com/product-p/mi26ar.htm I went with these since they had color I wanted and a 14 G Spoke 36 count. If you dont see what you want just call em and they will help you out.

    2/75 Ranger
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