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    Hello There!

    I have been busy browsing the site looking at different configurations. I am in Hawaii for about 6 moths and could really use reliable transportation but I also do not want to shell out $1500 for a scooter.

    I am a DIY kind of guy. If I am capable of doing it myself, I want to but in this case, I'm not sure that it would be any cheaper. Any bikes here on the island are VERY expensive. Except of course, Walmart specials and I am not sure I want to be putting the extra strain on those cheapo bikes (can they take it?)

    I've been looking a bit at the Bare Bones 2 stroke Spooky Tooth Bike (450.00) plus 90.00 dollar shipping here to hawaii.


    I don't know if I could do any thing less than that! Even if I bought a GSX35 with a friction drive... I will still have to spend 200 on a bike that is not of quality. (it does rain here - sometimes a lot)

    Here is my main question - are bikes like that, the ones that come whole in a kit that you assemble.. Are they quality? Do they have quality axles and brakes that I will not have to worry about?

    Thank you SOOO much for the input. I really appreciate it.


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    I dunno. Can't find a used mountain bike for less?

    Hawaii? LUCKY!!!!!

    I know there are some MB'ers on Oahu.
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    There areTONS of used bikes here, at great prices. I bought my nearly-new Diamondback mountain bike with disc brakes for $125. Also a used Trek full suspension for $100. And others.

    I left my old Gary Fisher bike outside with a "Free!" sign on it. In a couple hours, it was gone.:jester:

    Do NOT get a motorized bike if looking for reliable transportation. You MIGHT spend that time tinkering/fiddling with it to keep it running. Buy a used bike off Craigslist, then sell it in six months.:idea:

    Or buy a new or used moped,enjoy it, then resell in six months.:idea: