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    Hi marv here, Jacksonville Florida, I have a 70cc huffy beach cruiser, have abt 1000 miles on it and it rained needle bearings. I'm Interested in making my 2stroker last. I will rebuild this motor to make it mobetter. It has been fun so far lots of tinkering. I want to incooperate an oil injector if possible, so I dont have to mix. (I know marv get a 4 stroke and be done with it). My first endevor was building a chain tensioner out of a roller skate wheel groved a piece of stap metal, and a bed string. I tossed the kit chain and went with a #81 chain from Northern tools. ll get pictures later. so far tensioner is sweet, set it and forget it hihihi. I want get an rpm gauge if possible. Im am running motor number 2 and will not take this one over 20mph for its life (boring yeah). I will do a piston read after breakin and upgrade the conrod needle bearings with a better one, hopefully this will get me to 5000mile (dream on). Tech support has been great so far. I don't want to play one mfr or vendor against another. Until the chineese incooperate better quality control and improvements, then I will be left to tinkering and riding, tinkering and riding. Least I'm putting cash into vendors, stimulating buisness and the economy. Have fun and ride, buy parts, ride, buy parts ride ect..........Marv

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    Hi Marv.

    good intro. it's pretty clear that you already know a good deal about these engines.
    You'll probably be able to help newbies starting with your post #2.

    I gotta admit that I have doubts about the feasibility of oil injectors and tachometers, but maybe you'll prove me wrong. You ought to try.
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    I try not to prove anyone wrong, I'm not a fighter. The heart of an inventor is solving problems, not making them.
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    Can somebody please post a pic of a skate chain tensioner mod...
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    Hi Marv, I am from Jacksonville, too. Welcome aboard, George Oller.