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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 210061741, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Hi from Rich in Erie PA.
    I built my first bike about a month ago.
    I've got to say i'm very impressed with the progress made on these forums.
    Very informative.

    I have a Schwin Mountain Bike fitted with a Grubee GT-2B 48cc motor and the expansion chamber from Sick Bike Parts.

    I also custom made a 36 tooth rear sprocket and the front motor mount.
    Things seem to be very solid allthough i have experienced some issues.

    I did'nt have any luck with the chain tensioner, finally got the motor mounted where i don't need it but due to only clamping down in 2 points the motor seems to slip sideways slightly after time loosening the chain.

    I have a new mount design in mind to eliminate this.

    Initially i sheared the front motor mount bolts off wile riding and the whole engine went sideways. snapped a tooth off the 10t sprocket and messed up the back wheel. I was just starting off luckily cause the chain locked up the rear wheel.

    Iv'e got a plan to make sure that dont happen again. Considering i would seem to cruise around 30 to 40 mph most of the time. An episode like that could be painful.

    I have not got a good replacement 10t yet.
    I bought one and it has a slightly larger bore dia. A bigger Keyway and the teeth are the wide version. The standard chain that came with my kit wont fit so it must be for the #415 chain.

    I bought a #410 chain and it fits the sprocket but since the sprocket isn't a good fit to my shaft I don't want to use it.

    So i still need to find a 10T Narrow Sprocket.
    I havent had any trouble from the one with the busted tooth but it is an opportunity for disaster.

    I ride her hard and fast and she likes it.
    I'm sure much higher RPM than i should most of the time.
    I lengthened the exhaust header to get the power band down but she really seems to like the higher end.

    I also use NOS Octane Booster Racing Formula with my gas mix.
    I run a richer oil mix with 2 oz octane booster per tank.

    That probably jumps my octane rating to 120 or better.

    Allthough the compression ratio is weak.
    It makes a big diff.
    I never seem to run out of throttle.
    I never seem to run out of pull.
    And when that Chamber hits, she runs smoothe as the devil.

    Soon here i plan to buy another engine.
    Only to take apart and rebuild over the winter with the intention of creating a BEAST.

    I have been a CNC Machinist for 12 years, have a degeree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design, and i'm actually not far off of being a mechanical engineer.

    Currently i work for General Electric programming CNC Lasers.

    So to my benifit i have a whole Sheet Metal Fab Shop at my fingertips.
    I know many of the local Machine shop Owners so i don't think Custom machining will be a problem either.

    I want to build the baddest of the baddest Kit motor.

    Sure there are some out there for big $$$$ but i want to take the cheapy and make straw into gold.

    With a little ingenuitity and alot of trial and error this is going to be a blast.

    So where to start????

    I think the biggest limitation to these little motors is caused by the unbalance and the cheap bearings.

    There are bearings out there that can take a beating and i believe they will take this motor to the next level.

    My main bearings started to chatter a little yesterday, I guess from running high rpm so much. But i greased everything up and she seems good to go.
    Hopefully itll last till winter.

    Anyway you all have a great day.
    If anyone is looking to hire an Engineer to build these babies let me know.
    Sorry for the long post but i love these things.
    I hope to have much to contribute to this outstanding forum.

    See ya.


  2. Ghost0

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    Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Can't wait to hear details as your projects progress.