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Nov 7, 2008
Hello Everybody!

We are a vendor, from Bikeberry.com. We are offering the Raw brand 50cc and 80cc engine kits, center mounted 2 stroke engines with full 6 month warranties and support! We have exclusive discounts for members of this forum, so feel free to PM us for more details!:D

Thanks for reading! We look forward to being your number 1 supplier!
Hi, new here myself. I'm planning on a motor bike build, and just might go with your 80cc unit!
Hi, welcome to the forum!
Good to see a vendor offering warranties.
Why not start a thread in the Vendors section and tell us a bit more about your business and products?

Good Luck with the business :)
Welcome aboard.

Where are you located?

I apologize for the delayed response. We are located in Southern California.

No, we are not powerking on ebay. Apparently there was a mistake made on the vendors section by the forum mod. It has since been fixed ( I hope :))
Sorry I missed your sale. Still learning to navigate this site as a newer member.
Hopefully you will repeat this offering, and I won't miss it.
Look forward to hearing from you in response to an e-mail I sent yesterday.
my 80cc engine

hey bikeberry i bought an 80cc motor from you a couple months back and ive had many problems with it, over 200 dollars worth. the gas tank screws leaked the clamp connecting to the bike broke off and ect. ive read allot of reviews of your motors and most were good which is why i chose yours, but why is mine not very dependable?