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    Hello Everybody!

    We are a vendor, from Bikeberry.com. We are offering the Raw brand 50cc and 80cc engine kits, center mounted 2 stroke engines with full 6 month warranties and support! We have exclusive discounts for members of this forum, so feel free to PM us for more details!:grin:

    Thanks for reading! We look forward to being your number 1 supplier!

  2. NJmalibu313

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    Hi, new here myself. I'm planning on a motor bike build, and just might go with your 80cc unit!
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    Where are you located?
  4. Mountainman

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    welcome -- many will be looking for that warranty -- ride that thing
  5. fastboy9

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    Hi, welcome to the forum!
    Good to see a vendor offering warranties.
    Why not start a thread in the Vendors section and tell us a bit more about your business and products?

    Good Luck with the business :)
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  7. stealthc9

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    is it true bikeberry.com is powerking on ebay?
  8. BikeBerry.com

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    I apologize for the delayed response. We are located in Southern California.

    No, we are not powerking on ebay. Apparently there was a mistake made on the vendors section by the forum mod. It has since been fixed ( I hope :))
  9. hillofbeans

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    Sorry I missed your sale. Still learning to navigate this site as a newer member.
    Hopefully you will repeat this offering, and I won't miss it.
    Look forward to hearing from you in response to an e-mail I sent yesterday.
  10. Noah Burks

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    my 80cc engine

    hey bikeberry i bought an 80cc motor from you a couple months back and ive had many problems with it, over 200 dollars worth. the gas tank screws leaked the clamp connecting to the bike broke off and ect. ive read allot of reviews of your motors and most were good which is why i chose yours, but why is mine not very dependable?
  11. BikeBerry.com

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    Hi Noah,

    We're terribly sorry to hear that you are having problems with your kit. Please contact us directly at support@bikeberry.com, with your order number and we will certainly see what we can do to help to resolve these problems. You may also contact us directly at 1800-317-0479.
  12. lucky13

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    I too bought a kit from them.
    Unfortunately I don't know how it runs due to the Adaptor kit for larger frames not really adapting. For example the bolts were to long that holds the bracket to the frame...

    The throttle is of low quality.

    When I got my "brand new kit", I took the parts immediately out of the bag to inspect. I wasn't very surprised that the motor, exhaust, gas tank,...
    basically anything that was painted black was scratched...

    Even the sticker on the side of the motor was scratched... and has a mysterious oil stain! Keep in mind, I have never started or put any fluids in this motor. Which by the way, the air filter and housing is not the same advertised.

    To top everything off the instructions are a joke!! Would anybody care to guess where they came from?!? Gasbike.net!! Wait, what.. That's right. Gasbike.net.

    I have yet to contact them because i haven't started the motor yet...
    Whats the point until i do right?

    I'm almost scared to start this motor.

    Seems as though i might have to change my name to unlucky13.

    wish me luck with this company and this kit.

    Oh yeah! by the way, the kit is the "upgraded kit" The Grubee 80CC.
  13. give me vtec

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    can you get a special motoredbikes.com sale going???.... the people want cheap motors for their nephews birthday :taz::party:

    come on... I found a good cruiser on craigslist I picked up for $90 and it needs a motor, but money is tight... he would be so happy
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  14. BikeBerry.com

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    Hi lucky13,

    Jack from BikeBerry.com here. Terribly sorry to hear that you had received your engine kit in a damaged condition. Please understand that although we do out very best to package the engine kit in a secure fashion to avoid shipping damages, unfortunately damages during transit our out of our control. If you received your package in a damages condition, due to package handling by Fedex, please contact our customer service department directly at 1800-317-0479 and we will have a Fedex damage claim started for your package.

    To address the supposed oil stains on your engine, please be aware that all of our bicycle engine kits are tested during the final stages of manufacture. All engines are test fired for a period of 10 minutes to ensure that the end user receives a engine that works perfectly. This may have been the cause of the supposed oil stains.

    The air filter and housing should be identical to that photographed on our website found on the following link: http://www.bikeberry.com/grubee-starfire-80cc-bicycle-engine-kit-epa-certified.html. If this is not the case, please contact us directly at 1800-317-0479.

    Further, in regards to your comment about the quality of the throttle handle, the throttle handles that come with the grubee engines are the best quality throttle handles available. In fact, unlike the standard kit throttle handles, the grubee handles are ergonomic in shape for maximum comfort.
  15. BikeBerry.com

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    Hi Give Me Vtec,

    Thank you for your interested in BikeBerry.com! We can certainly extend an added savings for our bicycle engine kits. Please use the following coupon code for $5 off of your order total at checkout: MBcMembers
  16. lucky13

    lucky13 New Member

    Hello Jack,

    First I must say that FedEx did a great job delivering my engine kit.
    I easily Tracked my Shipment, and it was delivered with no delay.
    The box it was sent in had not one single scratch, scuff, dust, or filth
    on it. However the similar to plastic bags the engine was sent in (inside the box)
    are somewhat ragged and damaged... I still have the bags, box etc.
    so the damages sustained to the parts were NOT from shipping.
    The scratches are more than scratches.. in some places they are gouges.
    I don't see it likely that an undamaged box would have damaged goods inside.
    I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I'm saying that it would have been a pretty severe accident not to have damaged the box.

    Wow... You had to say supposed. Really?
    Ok. You might be right. It might be oil, grease, gas, mayo, hairspray...or maybe even
    toothpaste (pretty sure its oil), Fact of the matter is it should have never been sent in this condition. I'm sure it would have taken all of 3 minutes to remove, and slap a new decal on it... right? Am i wrong?

    By the way, Would it be possible that i could be sent a new decal to cover the eyesore on mine? That would be just swell.

    You are however right about the air filter and housing. I studied the Silver 66 kit for so long(which is what I originally ordered, but was on back order), I was expecting one that looked different.

    Now, in regards to your comment about my comment...
    Best quality available? Seriously?
    My young niece has one of those motorcycle power wheels.. I'm not sure if that is the brand, but the throttle is very similar. Except for the ergonomic shape of the handle.
    Maybe if hers stops working i will put mine on her bike so she can be a little more comfortable! I will have to use it though until I replace it. I Think i will use a real throttle off of a minibike or motorcycle... I'm sure that would be a better quality.

    So now the new problem. As I am attaching the throttle to the carburetor...
    it falls apart. Inside of the carburetor!! Just imagine the fun I had turning my bike upside down, and watching many pieces fall to the floor. Before I get blamed for improper Installation, just let me say that i was more than gentle. I was very careful not to have tension on the cable while I was installing. It simply fell apart. It appears there is supposed to be a cable end that fits in the throttle assembly that would pull the component in the cylinder right? Well, its not there and it allowed the cable to come out leaving a mess in my carburetor.

    What am I to do now? Am I supposed to purchase a new throttle? That wouldn't seem fair. Would Bikeberry send me one for free? now that seems fair.
    I'm not asking for a lot. Just for this situation to be handled right.
    This would be an excellent opportunity for your company to show how although the kits and company aren't perfect... you will make it right, keep customers and make new ones.

    All I want to do is ride my bike. Are you going to help make this possible?
  17. BikeBerry.com

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    Hi There,

    We're terribly sorry that you had this problem with the clutch cable. Rest assure that this is something that is covered under the 6 month warranty so it is not required that you purchase another throttle cable. However, please understand that we cannot process warranty claims via posts created on this motoredbikes.com forum. Please contact our support staff directly at support@bikeberry.com to open a warranty claim. Please also include with your email message your order number and a complete description of the problem so we can make certain that the correct part is sent to you. If your order number is not available, please include with you email message the full name on the order and approximate date of purchase.
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    Although you originally posted before the recent vendor rule change, the topic of the thread has changed into a more vendor-related discussion, so I moved the topic to the Vendor Area.