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  1. Silver Pockets

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    Hello, my name is Richard. I live in Monterey, California.

    I joined this forum to read a lot and learn about motored bikes.

    I am 28 yrs old. I have a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta and a 1999 Harley Davidson Wide Glide. I have a 2013 Giant Revel 2 mountain bike. I just ride for leisure on the road or bike path. No crazy exercise or downhill mountain madness for me.

    I have been sober for 1 year and 8 months. I'm pretty proud about that. Motored bikes interest me because you don't have to pay for insurance every month or pay registration every year with the DMV. They look like fun to ride and each one is unique. I think getting into this hobby will be more rewarding than just going and buying another motorcycle for thousands of dollars. Building a usable machine, learning, and making new friends is what I am hoping for.

    One last thing. I am thinking of getting a different bike to motorize. The Giant I have is in perfect condition, so I am leaning towards getting something else and leaving this one alone.



  2. Zackiriyah

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    Nice wheels Richard and welcome to the forum.laws vary from place to place ,but I agree.id rather build something up myself than going out to a motorcycle shop and spending 1k+ on a motorcycle
  3. The_Aleman

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    MaB are definitely addicting and a lot of fun! I live in a town of 3K people north of Sacramento and I use my bike for all in-town business.

    Errands, visiting friends, beer runs, even grocery shopping. No need to wake up my slumbering BMW (it's grumpy anyway).

    My 4-stroke only requires $2 in the tank every 2 weeks and an oil change every few months. Many smiles per miles!

    Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  4. Zackiriyah

    Zackiriyah Member

    Hey Aleman .these days in cali .do you need a license and cap to ride a motorized bike or no?
  5. The_Aleman

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    Yeah, in Cali one's supposed to have an M1 or M2 license, DOT helmet, and a moped license plate. The plate is a 1-time fee of $20, I think.

    Some areas enforce the law more than others. I rode without a license for 4 years and still don't have a plate. But a helmet is a must!

    Helmet tickets are non-correctable and they're over $200!
  6. Zackiriyah

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    Wow,really?I've lived in upper north of cali mainly Oroville last year.I road my mb all up and down them roads past cops and everything never got pulled over or anything like that
    ,we'll I did only got pulled over once but that was because my tail light was barely viable cause it shifted out of place while riding at night
  7. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    Like I said, it all depends on area. You still in Oroville? I'm an hour's ride from there. If so, we should ride sometime this summer :D
  8. Zackiriyah

    Zackiriyah Member

    I've left Oroville last year.currently in new jersey sadly.this state has to many restrictions