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    Hi, my name is Ben and I live in the uk. I am a student therefore I do not have the money for insurance or fuel for standard motorised vehicles, which is why I am on here.

    I dont have much experience with motors but I am keen to learn. I have built computers in the past and they seem to be more complicated than all of the bike kits I have seen.

    My idea is to use a honda gx120 equivilent 4 stroke, mount it inside the frame of the bike and attach a low tooth gear to the shaft then attach a chain between the gear and one of the gears on the pedals, this will mean I can change gears but the pedals will still turn (unless i shell out money for a proper conversion kit which isn't likely...) once i have established this works I will attach the throttle to the front brake switch. These are the only necessary things, things like making the exhaust quieter will be done at a later stage provided it is working correctly

    If this all goes to plan this will end up costing less than £150 (dollar eqivilent is pointless as exchange rate doesnt include taxes and higher prices in general) but that wont happen, but I still want to spend as little extra on it as I possibly can

    All Feedback is appreciated
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    Welcome aboard, Ben.

    Sorry, I didn't fully understand the plan you laid out. But I got the impression of a crank that doesn't free-wheel. I'd avoid that.

    But maybe I mis-understood.

    In either case, have fun and good luck.