Hello Lucciano here. Thanks

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    Hello im Lucciano. Transplant to Minnesota. I dont currently have a
    motored bicycle of sort. Retired custom chopper builder and im being drawn
    into motored bicycles. I have interest in making a big wheel peddle custom
    chopper frame with a FRANCO MORINI S6-S 9.4 hp engine. Powerplant design
    is different than choppers so I must snoop around here for ideas. Maybe ill try
    shaft drive? Anyways I have to sell some stuff to get the funds. Im excited to
    try a bicycle. Thanks Lucciano

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  2. sunsetboy

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    Ceck out YouTube for some riders down in Santa Cruz, Ca have put together rides with the Morini motor and look awesome!
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello Luciano,

    welcome aboard. You'll have fun. You just need an MB.

    We'll see you around.
  4. terrence

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    Hello Lucciano welcome to MBC. Wow, glad your here.
  5. graucho

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    Hello Lucciano (bro) welcome. LOL are you ready to trade some labor again. :cool: