Heres my bike. Will a motor even fit in it.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by LordVngr, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. LordVngr

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    Hey guys, New member here

    I'm getting ready to build a MB and I got the bike picked out, In fact it's in my garage . Now I just need to order the motor.

    It's a wallyworld special so its cheap but I bought it for the frame figuring I could upgrade stuff if needed. It's so cool and super lite. As one reviewer said. It's Looks like a Motorcycle and he's right. If I can stuff an engine in it, IT will be awesome.

    The Question IS Can I put a Engine in it. I'm thinking it mite not fit or if it does it will sit too high in the frame and wont look right. I Need experts opinions here. What do you think will a motor fit in the frame?

    Below is a link to my bike and a link to a Sweet gas tank that should work Perfect and give it a Real Motorcycle look. Tell me guys, What do you think

    The Bike

    The Gas tank

    Thanks in Advance


  2. Purple Haze

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    Looks like the engine will fit easily, but the tank will need mods to fit that top bar. It can be done, others have done it, but it will not be a simple bolt on. As for the aluminum frame, there are many opinions on this forum about their durability. I have never built one, so I can't talk from experience. Also, You'll need to add a front brake. Running at the speed these kits can do with only a rear brake is a death wish. Not only the danger from locking the rear wheel and skidding, if the chain comes loose or breaks, guess what? Other than that, it should be a fun project and a good learning experience.
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    Thanks for the reply PH

    I have confirmed the motor will fit. right after I posted this message I came across the link below.
    Guys got one for sale on Ebay and it Looks Good :) Fits right in there.

    I dont care for the All black theme though. As to the Tank he has the stock kit tank and you can see he had a little issue mounting the rear bracket because of the vertical support piece welded to the bottom of the upper frame rail.

    The tank in the link in the original post I posted is 14.5 inches long and will bolt on either side of the vertical support. The one thing I need to find out is how wide the channel is on the bottom of the tank. My top frame tube is 1.5 inches in diameter. As long as the channel is wide enough to accept that it should slide right on and look really good.

    Why dont you think the aftermarket tank will fit with no problem?

    I hear ya on the brakes. I'm coming off of a Mountain Bike with front disk/rear pull. I Hate the coaster brake, feels like its Not There unless I stand on it.
    I will be going to either disk/pull but probably just pull brakes due to cost.

  4. Smallwheels

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    Why will a tank not fit easily on this frame?
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  6. Purple Haze

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    Ok guys, I might have been wrong on the tank fit. I was just looking at the way (placement?) the bars are joined and the thickness and curvature of the top bar. Even if it won't fit in stock form, it shoudn't take much tweaking to make it fit.
  7. LordVngr

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    The Red on my bike isnt actually Red. It's more of a Burnt Orange. The Rims and Decals are in Burnt Orange, Gives the bike a Harley Look, so no Red Tanks. The decals on the bike peel right off for a all black affect.