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    Let me start out by saying, you'd have to go far and wide to find someone will less familiarity with things automotive and such than me. I'd never even heard the term 2-stroke before buying my Skykhawk 66cc/15 sp Schwinn from a listing on Craig's list 4 months ago. It is a beautiful machine and a blast to run. I'm excitedly looking forward to hanging out and learning from you wonderful guys and gals. Already just cruising through the forum the last couple of days I've learned more about motors, plugs, oil/gas, than I've learned in the last 30 years. No kidding.

    I'm reluctant to divulge my age 'cause it would seem fake that a guy has lived this long in America and knows blip about the working of mechanical devices. I've never even owned a car.
    Didn't get my license till I was thirty. Anyway, there's a story behind all that, the telling of which is for another day :goofy: . Right now I want to get to posting, got a million questions. Looking forward to meeting you all. Regards, Lou.

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    Welcome aboard!
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    These bikes break down if you don't treat them like they're your girlfriend. Lol
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    "lived this long in America and knows blip about the working of mechanical devices".
    Welcome to the forum. That's not unusual. The important thing is that you want to learn some wrench bending.
    These motorized bike kits are simple enough that they are a great way to learn some mechanics without feeling overwhelmed or needing a chest full of special tools.
    Its a great way to teach kids about mechanical matters too and make them a little more self reliant.