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    My name is Amanda, and I've had quite a few problems with the bicycle I've gotten (mostly because I believe the company I purchased it from are cheap and slopped it together) then charged me through the nose when it had to be fixed only a week after I got it. anyway, not a tragedy.

    But I'm having trouble with the clutch. always the clutch. can anybody help me with that? if I could take some pictures/describe the problem?

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Hi Amanda,

    Start with this thread, about halfway down (post #15) are some pictures.....


    Then, at the bottom of the thread, at the very end of the page, are 5 similar threads, click on one and see if your problem is described. It probably is, there are clutch questions and answers nearly every day.

    Ask for clarification on the one closest to your problem and it will bump to the top, where everybody can see it with the newest posts.

    Good luck.
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    My clutch is an issue on every long ride. I think the lever on the engine is slowly slipping, requiring me to tighten the cable over and over to allow me to idle at stops.
    Lately, I have been killing the motor at all stop lights, and pedalling to a start with minimal clutch use.
    I think Creative Engineering (in Florida) or another vendor makes a heavy duty clutch arm that will not slip. I have tried drilling into the clutch arm and inserting a metal screw against the shaft but it didn't help. I tightened the clutch arm around the shaft with a vice but no help.
    If I come up with anything, I'll let you know.
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    Hello and welcome.
    What are the problems you are having? Is the clutch slipping when you are riding or is the lever hard to use?
    You might also name the shop you bought the bike from if you believe the repair you had to make was due to bad workmanship..
  5. hotcavenug

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    "Spooky Tooth" was the company that built the bike I ride. I've called and tried to ask them questions on how to fix them, but their shop here in tucson shut down (I wonder why) and all they tell me is that they have to "look at it" to give me any advice....which is stupid considering their headquarters are in bisbee. so I'm not sure what to do.

    I can take some pictures as to what's going on...but I dont know enough of the names of parts to properly describe what the problem is.
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    Hey again,

    There are quite a few Spooky Tooth Death Race threads, but here is one from azbill "news from Spooky Tooth".


    Post your general location/neighborhood, and an idea of what your problem is, and I'll bet an ST customer pops in pretty quick to give you guidance, advise or might be able to take a look at it.