Hi ! I am a new Member from Argentina

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    Good, the truth that me enjoy a pile when I arrive the Small engine. They do not know it waited for as it.
    Furthermore them story, I calculated to him that was just a little bit but small, but I had when it in my hands I put and it next to bicycle, I realized that I am going to him to have to do " Good Estructure" Modifications; to bicycle.
    Almost near to change the picture, directly. But good, already it will tell them that it leaves it finishes when it installing.
    Ah! a consultation: Somebody knows as the Photos rise? (Jue, Jue, that inexperienced…) Ok.

    Good, for but the impatient ones, almost all the history of my bicycle already this shaped in the Argentine Forum of Bicycles with motor in


    But ahead I upload more photos of my bicycle and all their process. I leave so far them with three photos, first, without the motor, the second first one armed of the motor in the first version with the motor within the frame it completes and it, with the bicycle with the frame without modifying and the motor, hung like in a traditional motorcycle.

    Good, I leave you until the next one.
    Greetings. the UnRe…

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    Thanks for posting. Wish I could figure out how to register on your forum as you can't get access to photos unless you are. I'll have to work on it.
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    Yeah !, If it is a problem...

    If it is a problem, that there is to register itself to be able to see the photos. I said them and remained in seeing like solving it. Although serious but perhaps effective if you consider, in participating form.

    Perhaps thus, the batteries are put they solve and it.
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    Thanks. You are doing quite well with the English language. Much better than my Spanish. It would be nice to look at the pictures though as I said.
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    Welcome to the forum. Of course I post from time to time on the Ar MBK forum as Pablo of the US. Cool engine mounting, that's for sure.
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    See this Site to see photos of Argentina

    If you want to see very pretty Photos of Argentina, I recommend to you you visit the page of a compatriot mine, that also has a Bicimoto Bicycle with Motor) and this using now, to cross Argentina and has very pretty photos. Breadfruit this the link:

    And those 2 more:



    See them, enjoy the photos and them coment !
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    those are some great pictures -- thank you for posting
    in Argentina it looks like there are many really nice riding areas

    do you know what kind of motor he has on the Bicimoto Bicycle ?

    ride the motor bike
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    Looks like a HT to me. Anyway thanks for sharing and it would be a real adventure to come to your country and ride someday and I hope that I will be able to. I see that one fellow is getting in to cyclo-tourism in San Luis and I wish him well with that. If he set up a small fleet of moto bici's he would probably do really well.
  9. unrealmy

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    More photos with more quality from Argentina

    More photos with more quality from Argentina


    With respect to my Bicycle, I must but photos, but to be after which it puts a new frame to him, because the previous one broke, it in my work. And as the company did not become position I must, pay it good I and, must join money and time, to do it. Neither or it has Navy, I raise the photos to it.