Hi there! I'm Donavan.

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    Hello there, I am new to this forum and I joined because I love motorized bicycles and ride mine everyday all day long for the most part! I run down to the hardware store and all places on it. I have built over 9 of these bikes and 3 of which were my own. I currently have a 66 cc 2-stroke on a Huffy cranbrook which I got from walmart! Cheap bike...great fun I love the beach cruisers! I run a 40:1 mix and have all stock parts installed, I may end up getting a performance carburetor when I can afford it but right now she tops out at about 40 but I like going 25-30 just for fun to cruise around town on. I have self sealing tubes in both tires, I removed the coaster brake on the original wheel the WRONG way, so my bearings fell out I could fix it but I just used my mountain bike wheel in the back I need to get another actual cruiser tire for the front, for now my mountain bike tire will do, as soon as I can I will post lot of pictures of my builds and builds I've done for friends too! :)

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    Hi Donavan welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Hope you added brakes!
  3. Donavan321

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    I sure did! Caliper brakes! with v pads
  4. Donavan321

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    Is it normal to see oil buildup in the "down tube" mounting area..like all over that mount just under the muffler there? this is my second engine that has done this the engine still runs fine it doesn't spurt oil or anything like that is it just because I'm running rich?(40:1)
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    Welcome to the forum. I would put some of that black automotive wire shielding around your wiring to protect it.

    IRON SHEIKH New Member

    Hi.Im new to the site.Just wiped out on my hiffy today.getting compression but wont take of.back wheel wobbly and chain rubbing tire.any suggestions?
  7. sawdust

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    How about pic of the rest of your bike? I'm currently putting on a 4 stoke motor on a tandem.
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