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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rambomert, May 3, 2014.

  1. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    my motorized bicycle :::


    I want to do :

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  2. Bzura

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    You want to move to a 3rd world country & ride around on a jerry rigged motorcycle wearing shorts & flip flops? Best of luck to ya!
  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    That type of 4-stroke engine is far too heavy to be attached to a bicycle frame, and we haven't got to discussing the anemic stopping performance of rim brakes.
  4. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    no trafic
    no speed
  5. Bzura

    Bzura Member

    rambomert - my first post was in jest, but I want kidding when I said good luck. It's just not safe to strap that huge engine onto a bicycle. The power, weight & lack of added stopping power make it a literal death trap. It doesn't matter where you ride it or what's around you, the frame is more likely than not going to fail, or worse.

    You posted your idea on this forum. People are going to post their opinion about it.
  6. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    How to be a framework ?
  7. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I have lived in South America for many years and I guarantee you that it's much more dangerous down here.
  8. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    What do I do with this engine I :icon_cry:
    (make easy)
  9. maciver02

    maciver02 New Member

    Stretch it!

    You can mount that engine on the bike frame, cut and stretch it about 12" (about 300-330mm). when you weld a bottom piece on, make it rectangular steel. or make mounts that will bolt on to the frame. This has been done many times (check out the forums on www.motorbicycling.com, and you'll see how Crazy Horse has done it over and over again, using a similar engine, and stretch cruiser frames, as well as small OCC choppers from Schwinn.

    If the engine is too powerful, don't use full power! but that power comes in handy on the large hills in most of the pacific islands. I live in Puerto Rico, and we have very steep hills as well. I didn't catch how big that engine is, but if it's a 49cc, good to go! Personally, I would not put anything more powerful than a 70cc engine of this type, on a bicycle frame. I'd also weld in pieces of triangle cut steel, to re-enforce the joints.
  10. Phil21

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