Homemade panniers!

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    You guy's are going to love this! No secrets behind the way I made these clips. I searched High and low for a set of heavy duty pannier clips. With a motor on it, we don't need foul-ups!

    I'll be suppling more pictures as they go together. Right now, I could send a set of four clips anywhere in the country for about $30 if you like them. They'd have to be de-burred by you with a dremel or file, but before you say too much $, think about shipping cost of materials and ammount of time this will save you! I encourage DIY, that's why I'm posting the pics!

    I will be sewing some old jeans together (sort of a T-shirt) over the frames in order to make the bags. Will have to reinforce certain areas, but thats what will make these nicer than store bought! Will not be by accident that they hold a 12 pack each!

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  2. machiasmort

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    Seen quite a few people looking at the picks, in specific my bracket set-up.

    In case you wonder, my self and others (at the same time) came up with the idea of cutting the guts out of cable ties. Thats what the tiny U clamps are, securing the flat stock to the round edges of the rear rack!
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    You'll remember my last post. I constructed the backing boards for my panniers.

    My panniers had to meet certain criteria. A) had to be safe w/o chance of going into spokes. While the solid board and rack I made drastically reduce this, I sewed loops in the bottom of bag (pic 15). These loops can be tied over the rack(bag to bag), too keep the bottoms up and away from the wheel when empty. B) Had to be tough. Wanted to be able to carry some weight and also last. Made them out of old jeans that could be removed from the boards and washed easily! Made myself, these baby's are triple stitched!

    Note the design: they are two bags in one. The weight is supported by the first and cargo goes in the outer!

    I'll be trying them out soon!

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    I'm no Betsy Ross, you can see pleanty of loose threads! They are very solid tho! Remember that Singer 237 I refinished?

    Any Q's feel free. I see a lot of lookers... I am able to put these together and ship them for about $125.

    Problem being are the demensions of your rack and bike... All I know is that what's on the shelf at Wally World is junk!

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    Mach ...they look good..better than the stuff on the market now .. I like denim ,canvas , or leather for panniers and bike bags...classic old school American made
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    TT, I appreciate the compliments!

    I don’t care much for the modern parachute like materials that are out there. While they are lightweight, they are not as durable. Seems to be all the rage at Wally World these days! Couple that with single or double stitched seams if your lucky and these panniers have it all over the store bought variety!

    Tried them out last night, they worked very well!

    All though they represent themselves well in the pictures, they really are not that nice, (fit and finish).

    They are what they are, (made of old jeans, even the zippers are recycled)!

    Before anybody even goes there, the elastic shock cord that colapses the bags is not made of recycled underwear waist band! I actually bought it!
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    Mach..did you vacuum the farts out of those jeans?
  8. machiasmort

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    Wish this wasn't a censored area of the board! I'd have the people reading cracking up!