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    I rushed home after school today to start my new motored bike project. The first thing I do is take off my rear wheel. I somehow ripped and mangled all the ball bearings off of the ring. This ring is the one opposite to the original sprocket. (whats that ring called?) anyways, this delays my project until the weekend. I am an idiot. So sad. My excitement caused me to rush. And now instead of riding... I am on my computer. I have coaster brakes. I know that could be bad, but there was this piece that I had to remove on the wheel, a support rack, and I had to take it off, which meant I had to open up the mechanism. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has messed up an hour after getting an engine. :( :( :cry:
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  2. kerf

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    No, you're not. The thing to do now is slow down and make sure everything is assembled correctly. I've heard of people tearing up their wheels and engine cases because of chain issues. Or getting in a hurry and not adding oil. You've got a small correctable problem, from now on, double check everything and don't let you paws get ahead of your brain.
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    Yeah hearing its a small problem does make me feel a lot better. After reading some of the horror stories on here, I feel like its not a big deal. I'm sure everything will work out.
    Thanks kerf.
  4. Mountainman

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    take your time Ant27

    I know - that sounds like a bunch of bull
    everyone wants to get up fast and ride

    I couldn't make out exactly what you did to your wheel ?
    remember -- most bicycle parts - can be had tomorrow morning
    at the old Bicycle Shop -- usually just down the road

    yes - and also noted above someplace
    maybe you should get the oil in there now
    that could be a big deal...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  5. TwoWalks

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    No you are not alone! I just wish I was not your company :grin:. Trying to remove the Brake arm I did not notice that I was unscrewing the axle on the opposite side. Now I can not get the thing to go back together correctly. I ended up ordering a new back wheel and got it on the bike.

    I now have this "new" wheel to learn on :shock:
  6. Ant27

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    Oh thank god. I remember last week I thought, "there is no way I can wait a WHOLE week."
    Before I knew it my engine was here. Now I'm thinking, "there is NO WAY i can wait a whole day to go to the bike shop." hahaha I know that time will arrive soon. But the hours tomorrow at school will definitely be agonizing.

    In the mean time... can anyone give me a ballpark range on a new coaster tire? :grin:
  7. kerf

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    Ok, here's the story, about 50 years ago I ride my bike to the filling station. Borrowed some tools and took my rear wheel apart, did it just to see what was inside. I took me about three hours to get it back together but I did it. Wish I could say this was an isolated incident but it has been a reoccurring pattern in my life. Point is, you can fix what you did, maybe get help from the local bike shop or just tough it out yourself.

    See the bike, be, be the bike Ant, be the bike.
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  8. JE

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    Look on line for a Exploded view of the hub. What brand is the hub. Sheldon browns web site might have it. sheldonbrown.com
  9. Ant27

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    alright master. I will prove myself.
    The ring is seriously shot though but next time
    I am DEFINITELY thinking of your wisdom kerf.
  10. Mountainman

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    yes - one time my brother took dads lawn mover all apart
    made a homemade go-cart

    dad was wissed
    told my brother "get that mower back"

    my brother did it
    today my brother owns a large roofing factory in Alabama
    the large equipment inside -- custom built by my brother

    bottom line --
    don't get to mad at these little ones
    who wish to take things apart...

    ride that thing MM
  11. arceeguy

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    That was me when I was a kid. Pulling power equipment and electronics out of the trash and taking it apart to see what made it tick.

    Unfortunately my kid did not inherit that gene. He's almost 12 and hasn't disassembled an engine, power tool, or even a flashlight. But it may not be too late........
  12. SirJakesus

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    I was also one of those children. Had an incident with capacitive discharge while taking apart a 21in TV. Thought the tools were well insulated but the loss of memory for the event "waking up" on the floor with the tool across the room proved that wrong. Fun times. Good thing the ticker is strong.