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    As a hobby I modify parts for the Whizzer motor. I don't do this as a business, but rather as a service to help everyone enjoy their Whizzer a little more. I will list some parts and prices to help keep your projects in budget, and often offer items below normal retail even though the parts are seriously modified.
    Modified [Early] NE cylinder $180.00
    Milled and re worked NE head $81.20
    Copper NE head gasket $10.00
    Hi flow muffler insert $20.00
    Head bolt kit [shortened] $15.00
    Hi lift camshaft $95.00, $125.00, $175.00
    Modified mushroom lifters $50.00 [set]
    Used NE cylinder [25 miles] $150.00
    Mill & re-work your NE head $25.00
    Stock NE motor [no carb] $475.00
    Special edition NE motor w/carb $675.00
    Modified NE motor w/carb $795.00
    I have one complete NE motor kit [contact me]
    Shipping is extra and not included in the pricing
    PM me for more details.

    If I have broken any rules on this posting, please edit and tell me, so I don't error again, thanks.
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  2. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor


    NE heads [sold out]
    Hi-lift camshafts [sold out] more on order but slightly different
    NE used cylinder [sold]
    Stock NE motor [sold]
    Modified NE motor [sold]
    Hi-flow muffler inserts [sold out] more on order

    2 early NE modified cylinders in stock
    1 complete kit in stock

    Whizzer Special Edition [WSE] motor # WSE000022 in stock. This is #22 of the WSE [Whizzer Special Edition] series of Whizzer motors. It looks like it has all the right parts, including mushroom lifters, .187" lift camshaft, copper head gasket, milled & re-worked head, tuned intake manifold, & the compression release is located in the head [could be replaced with a second spark plug]. this motor is un-restricted, however I will include a restrictor plate [no charge].
    I am having fun making these special parts for everyone, but I won't be able to make as many in the summer and some of the parts, like early NE cylinders, & early Hi-lift camshafts are becoming impossible to locate.
    PM me for details.

    Have fun,
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  3. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Update on Whizzer modified parts in stock.
    All parts previously listed are sold!
    I have re-stocked the following;

    High flow mufler insert $20.00 each
    High lift camshaft for the WC-1 [welded gear] $100.00 each
    Modified mushroom lifters [only 3 sets left] $50.00 per set
    Copper head gasket for NE or SE $10.00
    Shortened NE or SE head bolt kit $15.00
    Special SE motor w/carburetor $675.00
    Whizzer motor kit [manual clutch] $795.00

    All modified early edition NE cylinders are now gone, [less than 100 were ever modified]
    Future modified NE cylinders will cost more, because of the extra labor needed to re-work the current cylinder. The extra labor concerns changing the angle of the intake port to match the earlier NE cylinder. At this time I have ONE current edition NE cylinder
    modified and the cost will be $205.00 [$25.00 more than the previous version]. If there is interest I will modify more in the future. PM me for details.
    Have fun,
  4. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Good news!
    I just located a few "special" parts and will give discounts to members.
    I have 3 NE cylinders I just modified. $205. each
    I have 6 special SE heads w/ compression release [milled & modified] $90.00 each
    I have 3 sets of mushroom lifters. $50.00 set
    I have 4 high lift camshafts for the WC-1[with welded gear] $85.00 each
    I have 4 high flow inserts. $20.00 each
    If anyone wants to convert the earlier WC-1 motor to NE status for less money, here is your chance.
    Modified NE cylinder [hot, hot], special milled SE head w/compression release , copper head gasket, headbolt kit, gaskets & spacers, use your current carburetor, piston & rings, ONE only [over $350.00 retail] $250.00 plus shipping.
    Please PM me for more details.
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