I give up on this sprocket!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rockjaw, May 5, 2014.

  1. Rockjaw

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    ok i give up on this stock sprocket ..ive taken it on and off more than 15 times nothing nothing nothing works!!

    the sprocket turns and has too much run out ..its terrible...ive tried the hammer trick and banged the sprocket and nothing..ive tightened each nut and bolt and torqued them evenly..still the chain pops off.

    Ive messed with the tensioner 30 times!

    Ive aligned the motor 30 times!

    Can someone recommend a performance sprocket that is for off the line torque? i dont want a higher mph ..i want acceleration. thanks!

  2. butre

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  3. crassius

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    check around the board to see if someone is near you to give you a hand

    first sprocket I did many years ago came out horribly, by the fifth, they were almost perfect every time

    having done several hundred now, they come out very nice & very quickly without me even thinking about it

    just one of those things that requires time for hands & eyes to get accustomed to how it's done
  4. Rockjaw

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    crassius..do you hit the sprocket with a hammer if it has wobble? if so..high near the teeth?
  5. crassius

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    I use the hammer when it is off in the up/down direction, meaning that it isn't centered on the hub. Once I have that part done with the bolts only halfway tight, I start tightening them the rest of the way and checking the wobble (distance of teeth from the spokes). I usually don't use a hammer for this part as a large crescent wrench can be used the pull & push the outside edge a bit until it straightens out (sometimes loosening a bit and using the wrench to kind of shake it will get it in line).

    I hope this helps & don't let it frustrate you : )

    EDIT: note that with a 36 spoke wheel, all the bolts will fit nicely in the center lines of the 9 small triangles formed by the spokes near the hub which will let the spokes help with the centering & wobble
  6. Fabian

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    Solve all of your problems with a shift kit.
  7. Phil21

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    A jack shaft kit Would solve your problems, I've used a few different methods tho using six pieces of metal instead of three, meaning Sprocket,3 plates, leather boot, spokes, leather boot,. and of course the nuts bolts washers lock washers
  8. Rockjaw

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    ok cool great advice on the shift kit..and Butre ..i ordered a maniac sprocket....that stock sprocket was no way ever going to work..i talked to MM bike parts on the phone and he said its a common problem and the stock sprocket is terrible...im sure it does the job for some bikes but was terrible on my huffy