Idle, Reving..Then Dieing

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jixz, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Jixz

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    So, after a few months not rideing the thing.. I hop on to see if it still works.

    Added fresh gas, and took it for a spin... It revs really really high.. I know that the throttles' A O.K.. So i figure.. air leak.
    I tightened the manifold and sure enough that was it.. now i can kill my bike just letting it idle down.

    I move the idle pin out so i can idle.. and riding is perfect.. just how i remember.
    But when i pull in the clutch, it either revs CRAZY high.. or dies.. Or a combination of the two.. usually High.. then low. If I give it ANY gas with the clutch up.. It revs REALLLLLLYYY high.. Then dies..

    Any ideas?

  2. hellbilly

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    Sounds like it's still sucking air. How about the conection between carb and manifold? Is it tight? Do you have an O-ring in there? If you can get it to sit there and idle, you can spray some starting fluid around your intake connections to check for leaks. Sometimes you have to make or buy a new intake gasket. Good luck.