If he could,we also could motorized!

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    This Bicycle if you do not believe it is made of cardboard completely, absolutely no metal parts,chain is a car pulley and tire are solid rubber,and if you think the rain would damage the bike the person says he put it in water with no damage because it is covered with a waterproofs substance and for the price of $20.0 in the country that was built, what more could you ask for. brnot[1].gif

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    The creativity and ingenuity of the human mind knows no boundaries when the "desire" to make it happen, meets with the "will" to make it happen.

    Think of the Saturn 5 rocket
    Think of the Space Shuttle
    Think of the International Space Station
    Think of the Hubble Space Telescope
    Think of the tallest sky scraper, the highest and longest bridge, the biggest dam and hydro-electric project, the largest aeroplane, the fastest train, the greatest art works,
    The automobile
    The kitchen sink,


    a bicycle made out of cardboard!!!
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    Delamination of the fibres is the big problem. I wonder how they've solved it.
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    Pretty neat.For the 40 and over crowd, anyone remember the Yugo?Great concept for third world countries but it has the same scary factor as an aluminum frame, you can't see it happening but it's gonna break, probably on a good pothole.
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    Do you mean the Fiat 128 derived Yugo? Known here generally as the Don't Go and locally, due to the dialect, as the Dogo.
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    Lud, you have a few years on me so I'm sure you'd know better, but a Fiat derived car makes it even more of a lemon.I just remember when I was a kid doing dirtbike and Baja VW in the mountains of SoCal there was a guy 4-wheeling his Yugo, we asked him what the heck he was doing, he said "wherever it breaks down is where I'm gonna leave it", they were a "Dixie Cup" car.
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    I assume a "Dixie Cup" is something disposable? Yugos were dire, dire even beyong the standards of Russian imports. They did the unthinkable and made the old communist era Skodas look desirable.

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    There are still a few Yukos running, and I saw one with motorcycle engine of a Honda Hayabusa,sounded nice as well.