illegal to ride motorized bicycles in what states?

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  1. Aaron

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    I know there are alot of rules and stuff for riding these motor bikes but what states DO NOT ALLOW these motorized bicycles.

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    It's not as simple as legal/not legal. Each state has an individual set of rules and regulations for engine size, speed, mirrors, lights, etc. So, in summary, if you really want to know..., read, read!
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    Even more than that it can come down to city ordinances and wether your inside of city limits.
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    Good point - you're absolutely right.
  5. HoughMade

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    Void in Rhode Island....

    ............sorry, couldn't resist.
  6. JinbaIttai

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    It used to be legal in Hawaii, until around 2003 when the law was erased--something to do with local politics, bribery, and Segway machines.

    The Hawaii laws currently don't define motorized bikes, but a bill to replace the law is in the works for next year. Unfortunately, the new law will only define electric motorized bikes and not internal combustion engines.

    I think the laws on motorized bikes are also undefined in New York, and I'm not sure of Pennsylvania.
  7. BigDaddyT

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    Im surprised they are defined here. Usually we are the last to get in on new legislation but I pulled em up and they are definitely in there. Our population here is pretty small so we dont get all the legislation a state like cali does. The wording does not specify wether they are supposed to use the road or bicycle trail but it does say you need a valid operaters license which I feel is wrong. I have a good license but this would be a good mode of transpo for those that got caught being naughty.
  8. fyrmn04

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    Legal in Calif, but require motorcycle license (M2) as well as lights, signals, and mirrors. Check out
  9. BigDaddyT

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    See we have m2s here too but is for 14 and 15 year olds. Once your a licensed 16 year old you no longer need the m2.
  10. fyrmn04

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    In Ca, the difference between M1 and 2 is cc of the engine, not age.
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    At first I thought thats what ours was too as the definition was hard to understand. I found a definition spelled out better in a copy of the drivers manual online. Basically anything under 50 cc is caught by a drivers license unless you are 14 or 15 and then an m2 is required. I was really not looking forward to being forced to get a motorcycles license just to ride a motor assist bike.
  12. JinbaIttai

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    I know the OP said states, but I recently learned that in Ontario, only electric is ok. In Alberta, either electric or engine and you are good to go. Not sure on the other provinces.
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    Any States Known That - DO NOT - Allow MBs ?


    cities -- counties -- states -- which DO NOT allow MBs to be ridden in any way...

    This question may make it a lot easier
    for those wondering if a certain place is MB friendly

    MOST STATES as we know -- ALLOW MBs -- seems just a few may not

    some different laws from state to state and city to city ---- true

    but -- it seems that in most places

    we are able to --

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman

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    Good thread idea.
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    I agree.
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  17. sabrewalt

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    Please don't project your experience on the rest

    "Texas. All of it. Prohibited.

    I REJECT this line of thinking. Just because you are having a tough time with the cops in your area, please don't project that narrow line of thinking on the rest of the state. The fact that there ARE NOT LAWS covering these things in Texas does not allow College Station to make them up.
  18. mouchyn

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    You're right. I figured the research I did was conclusive.

    I was merely offering the interpretations given to me by the various State (not local) Transportation Officials I spoke to. I suppose the issue is still up for debate until I get a Judge's ruling, eh? If a local judge rules that the MB is a moped in Texas, the only recourse is appeal.

    College Station, Bryan, and Texas A&M University have no local laws or restrictions for MBs beyond what is outlined in the TTC. Judicial rulings in this case could set a strong precedent for others in the State since it comes down to an interpretation of the State law...
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  19. sparky

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    Only state I've seen that outlaws MBs is NY. And I'm pretty sure that was the whole state, not just NYC... but I'm not positive anymore.

    Only a few others don't define motorized bicycles, so they would then default to a motorcycle definition. Others define a moped as a motorized bicycle, but then they leave strict safety regulations (brakes, etc.) meant for a real moped.
  20. Simonator

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    Well, I guess we can add Michigan to the list.