indian inspired boardtrack racer. first build

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  1. icyuod2

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    hello boys and girls. new to the board (see attached intro)

    i just recently took my first motorized bicycle for its maiden voyage.
    i picked up a kit for $80 (canadian) and the bike started life as an old girls ross compact.

    we did some frame modifications and i've started a stainless tank (still to be completed)
    this is a small bike (COMPACT FRAME) 24" wheels.
    i've replaced the throttle with a standard brake lever.

    i mounted the stock tank to get it running, but i'll finish the inframe tank soon enough.

    anyway, not sure on the rules about vid's
    but heres a vid (hosted on photobucket) of the little indians first ride. (feel free to remove it if i'm breakin the rules)
    didn't want to beat on her too much till i work out all the bug's

    i'd love to here your comments and suggestions.
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  2. RMWdave

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    thats a sweet mb! im envoius lol
  3. icyuod2

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    thx man!

    once i get around to painting/detailing it she should really come alive.
    i have an alum skull for the front which a friend poured using a dollar store plastic skull as a pattern.
    picked up a pulley from tsc to make the motor look bigger. :)
    the bars are a huge set of dyno cruiser bars i cut down. the grips are strips of wraped black leather with alum grip clamps. old lever brake pulls for the throttle and clutch.
    the frame itself is a combination of the old ross and gas pipe. (tig welded)
    forks came from an old 70's motorcross type boys bicycle.
    heres a scary thought, i'm running on 1970's uniroyal chain grip tires. :( (great shape though)
    coaster brake, and kids crank. (so i could lower the bike further)
    i still have to finish the tank, mock up a fake oil tank,mount the pulley,skull,tank etc. then i'm having the entire bike, rims included, powder coated indian red.
    i'll probably distress the bike and motor after the fact to make it look old.

    what do you guys use to paint you motors? and how does it hold up?

    btw i don't want to be an advicate for not wearing a helmet. to be honest with you i really didn't expect it to fire up the first time. it kinda caught me off guard and i was quickly seduced by the excitement :) i'm still on the look out for an old leather football helmet and goggles. :)
    helmets save lives!
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  4. RMWdave

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    helments might save lives, but look at the iq of a football player..... lol
  5. h0tr0d

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    Great job! The bike looks cool, and fun to ride. Good job.
  6. reclaimer

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    sweet bike build, nice job. that thing is sweet
  7. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    finally got around to finishing my custom ss tank. picked up a couple cool stickers for it also.
    no idea how much gas it holds, but it would seem to be double the size of the peanut tank that came with the kit.


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  8. biken stins

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  9. ENO

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    Hey Icy..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome..this is a really nice classic got the skills..You mentioned the "skull" so I thought I would post a pic of the skull my sons is thinking of putting on his OCC Chopper..picked it up in Indonesia at a "metal maker shop" for about $18 AU...Your bike will generate a lot of interest from the serious, classic builders on that tank..Good luck ENO (Oz)

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  10. icyuod2

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    i saw that skull in your other thread. its pretty killa. is it painted metal (said it came from a metal maker shop) or plastic? i really dig it!

    as for my classic build, thx for the kind words guys.
    i would love to build a real replica of a boardtrack racer, but it just wasn't in the budget. i have about $150 into this build ($100 engine, $25 bike and $25 piece of stainless) the rest of the build was pieced together with parts i had kicking around the homested.

    i'm very pleased with my econo boardtracker. all the fun at a fraction of the cost. i'm looking forward to tearing down and getting to paint.

    my budy is doing a harley inspired boardtracker. we're gonna paint
    "hardley davison" on the tank.

    i've been trying to come up with a play on words/funny name for the indian. something painted in the same font to look like indian.

    best i've come up with is the idiot, or indiot. if ya got any idea's, let me know. :)
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  11. cavalrybuf

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    Sweet ride

    Love that board racer look. What about Indiain't.
  12. icyuod2

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    that's exactly what i was looking for.

    indiain't, cause it ain't no indian!
    thank you very much, its perfect!
  13. cavalrybuf

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    My pleasure, it just seemed to fit
  14. ENO

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    Metal Shop

    Hey Icy..I dont want to distract from your great thread and bike build but that skull my son might put on his chopper is heavy metal (excuse the pun). I bought it in Bali $18 AU and the maker posts all over the world for not much. I have put a photo of his shop and address in case you want to write to him for an order...but..dont spoil that classic Indian look..great bike..youre an artist..Eno (Oz)

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  15. icyuod2

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  16. ty151

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    that is one nice ride man!!! Im jealous
  17. ENO

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    Logo / Sticker

    Hey ICY..ENO (Oz) know you can get a lot of metal metal buckles with bike logos like "Harley Davidson" / "Indian"..seen them in Bali where I bought the Harley one..Just filed of the stud and clip and put them on the bike..they look original as they are copies of the real thing..Put a pic (not that big) of the Harley one we put on our OCC..there are are some belt buckle sites in the USA with all the gear..Mind you in Bali I paid about $5AU each..bit dearer in Oz and USA...Anyway getting some good hits with guys dribbling over your ride..See ya Eno

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  18. elewayne

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    Very cool bike, especially for the price. Sometimes that's more fun than throwing money at a project.

    Did you make the tank or buy one somewhere. I'd like to see how one is made.
  19. GearNut

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    A Chinese Harley.....
    Ummmmm.... oooookaayy.

    Still, it does look better now :grin5:
  20. icyuod2

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    the tank was a $50 piece of stainless pipe.
    these are the best pic's i have showing how i cut the pipe to form the tank.