Indonesian Internet Bike Scam at Alibaba.Com

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Irish John, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    It's embarrassing to have to admit but I've been taken to the cleaners by an Indonesian company advertising US cruiser bikes on trade website. I agreed to import 3 Schwinn D7 cruisers and got taken for a lot of money - more when you include air freight. I thought I should warn other members that pretty well all the Indonesian entries offering bikes on that trade forum are scams and when they get your money they disappear and reappear as something else. The only common factor is that they are Indonesian.
    My motivation for dealing with them was not so much greed at getting a bargain but resentment against the sole distributorships that bump the prices up 200-300% because their monopoly is protected by commercial law.
    When you think about it American bike brand owners are very hard-nosed and predatory companies and they would go to great lengths to ensure that nobody gets around the system of sole distributorships that they have put in place. If you ask an approved supplier in another country to supply to you they won't do it if that country is on someone elses patch. This means that all those cheap Trreks, Specialized, Schwinn, Felt and other US brand names that are being offered from Indonesia don't even exist. It's a huge scam designed to get money out of you.
    I've seen a posting on MBc referring to but all I can say is if it's from one of the big Chinese factories it's probably OK but if it's coming out of Indonesia it definitely isn't. Close scrutiny of these sites will probably convince you but I wouldn't like to see anyone lose the amount I just lost. (USD1619.97) and the exchange rate was really bad when I lost it!!

  2. terrence

    terrence Member

    Awww man I feel for you. Thanks for the warning. Our family has been a target of
    Indonesia scammers trying to verify bank accts, paypal accts, even roofing deals to good
    to be true. Is there anyone you can contact to shut them down on trade website?
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  3. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Yes, Alibaba have de-activated two of the sites and their memberships but ALL the Indonesian bike sites are a scam if they are offering Trek, Cannondale, Felt, Schwinn, Specialized etc. Believe me they can't get them cos I've spent ages trying to myself.
    I've lodged a Trade Dispute form with Alibaba, Notified the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission - ScamWatch and also the Indonesian equivalent KPPU. Also my bank are trying to trace the account I paid into in Indonesia but all that happens is the sites get listed on ScamWatch in Oz.
    Our Federal Police aren't much use unless it's drugs or illegal refugees then they are quite good.
    Indonesia is the World centre for corruption so I'm not expecting anything but I wanted my stupidity to serve as a cautionary tale to other members.
    When it comes to some countries COD is the only method of payment and if they suggest anything else it's a good signal to reach for your gun or, even better, a small thermo-nuclear device!
  4. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I agree with regard to dealing with Indonesian sellers and C.O.D. only for payments. While not quite as bad as the Nigerians, the Indonesian internet scam artists are truly a pain. I wanted to purchase some ironwood out of Indonesia a few years ago, and the seller offered a very attractive price - a trifle too attractive, so I did some research, then offered a large order, COD at the freight forwarding firm I set up an account with in Indonesia.

    The order was never delivered, the seller dropped out of sight.
  5. Accender

    Accender Member

    Sorry for the loss Irish.
    Thanks for the warning.
    Islam rewards the man who is as shrewd as to fool another man.
    Not to offend anyone, it is a fact.

  6. Cash On Delivery. This is GREAT advice.
  7. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    No way are we shipping without cash. I have 5 orders that are still waiting on payment. Interesting, in no particular order: Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, UK, Singapore
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Be carefull
    There are all kinds of scams from overseas like
    paying with a hacked PayPal account which will
    later be reversed by PP

    I insist on talking on the phone with all buyers using
    PayPal or credit cards

    Get some cheap long distance, it weeds the scammers out
  9. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    There is some protection for Paypal sellers, but I'm sure Paypal will try to wiggle out of it if something goes amuck.

    Western Union works as well.
  10. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Western Union is bullet proof!
    Thats why its the scammers favorite payment processor

    Expensive on the fees though for the buyer

    Never buy anything with Western Union unless you know amd trust
    the seller 100%
  11. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I will accept Western Union. Never used them to pay. How much are the fees, anyway?
  12. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Never Indonesia.......don't care what it is or how much;it's not worth the hassle.
    Sorry for your losses guys.
  13. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    yep, they out to break ya at the wallet, no mercy.

    sorry bout that irish, never trusted a web site named like ali baba, and the 400 thieves !
  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that's funny Bolts

    no - your loss is not funny - one darn bit

    glad that you posted here
    the slim ones need to be exposed !!!

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  15. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    The guy from Malaysia paid me fair and square. Cool guy.

    The only problem? Western Union gave me cash and I wanted a check! Because it is company money and I need to deposit it anyway, I just don't like having cash. I said "I would have taken the check no issues". She said "everyone just wants cash here...." (hmmm....interesting) Doesn't really matter, but I thought it was quite ironic on several levels.
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  16. brendonv

    brendonv Member

    was the person a gold member on alibaba? i never even look at anyones profile on alibaba unless there a gold member which means alibaba has approved em. Also if there not a gold member alibaba pretty much dont help u out at all if they hav scammed u as they havent approved it and anyone can make an account. Just some things to look out for wen shopping again. For me its good as my dad has a friend in Indonesia who can go to the addresses of places there and check the company out b4 i buy from them. Sorry for the loss dude and hope u get the money back.
  17. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I HATE scammers!!! I had some scammers a few years ago trying to scam my wife for money, and I sent them a picture of the web-famous GOATSE picture!

  18. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    I've been busy getting revenge which is why I've not been on the forum so much lately. I've had 25 sites deactivated on Alibaba and a couple elsewhere but no sooner are they out one door than they appear again as another. It is now my estimate that all Indonesian bike sites are scams because they cannot have what they purport to have. I was offered a Whizzer air freighted to my door for USD 160.00. The air freight alone is twice that price!
    I spoke to my guy on his phone but his phone went dead after he got my money. As for having friends in Indonesia to check out the address it is a long way from Jakarta to Medan. It's a very big country.
    Our police are not interested and the Indonesian Internet police thing KPPU has a website that doesn't function correctly so your emails are rejected by their server. I am trying to pressurise my bank to get the money back from the Indonesian bank. Western Union is only safe for wiring money to a dearly loved relative. COD won't work and using a credit card down a phone is like sending the theif a blank cheque. They have all your details then and can duplicate a card in minutes. After 3 weeks of seething resentment I'm left with only one alternative folks. I'm bidding for an ex-USSR Army surplus small thermo-nuclear device on Ebay from a polite sounding lady in the Ukraine. If I'm successful I'll wire it up to my old HT bike and leave it outside the guys house in Sumatra and watch the scenario play out on Google Earth from the safety of my lap top at home. I'll keep you posted two weeks after the bidding closes on Ebay! I suspect some of you reckon the HT will survive the humungous explosion and subsequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and you could be right but I'll be glad to see the back of it. I need to paint a sign saying FREE BIKE IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER - PLEASE TAKE IT in Indonesian and was wondering if anyone here can help me with the grammar.
  19. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Beware that scam too. They advertise it with a tritium/fusion increased yield, but tritium decays and I don't think they replenish it. Don't bid more than you would for a standard fission device.
  20. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Yeah I'm aware of that HoughMade but it's part of an army surplus job lot and is included with three Soviet nuclear submarines circa 1968 so it's hard to put an itemised bid in. I've got my mates at the Irish Space Station checking it out for me and they think they can get some fresh Tritium from a guy on Ebay who lives right next door to the Tritium quarry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I'm hoping my old HT will become the biggest thing Sumatra has seen since Krakatoa erupted in 1883!
    Medan is on the west of Sumatra so the Tsunami won't be felt in California but the sunsets in Indiana will be more spectacular for several months after the guy starts up the HT.
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