just bak from the spray booth.

well iv got my frame back from being painted. its candy appel green :)

Im half way through putting it back together. this is what it looks like now and ill post a pic as soon as i complete putting it bak together.
hope you like it.

The tank is also been painted candy aswell. :cool:


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I really like that shade of green - jumps right out there without being obnoxious the way some of the bright lime greens are.
that's kind of what I was thinking

green is not usually high on my list

but -- I really - really like that color of green...

nice paint job -- looks like it won't be long until you can

ride that THING
That looks really good. I like the level of gloss, it has a nice frosty look

Excellent work!
thanks guys. Yer graucho its the same bike. My mate is a car spray painter so he did it for me. ill post a pic probly sometime this week when its finished, i just need to get the handel bars back becuase they were painted black.

Also do u like my sticker on the clutch plate. its a HONDA RACING sticker i got off ebay for $2 :)