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bill green

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7:14 PM
Jan 5, 2008
Vancouver Washington
Hi guys Im conserned about keeping fuel from over heating at the salt flats. My brain has been talking back to me and it said to hotjet the gas tank to help keep the fuel cooler. ANY THOUGHTS Bill Green
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I mixed a capfull of two stroke oil with 110 octane leaded aviation gas. Smells a little like nitro fuel when it burns. Hows that for voiding a warranty? Makes my phantom get up & GO. Probably don't burn very kool though...

In the old days drag racers used to Ice down a little mini keg which was aluminum to "condense" the fuel AKA "fuel packing" why wouldn that work?

Hi Bill,
Good luck! They will test your fuel! They will seal your tank after inspection, and you will not be able to add fuel! Many of the classes require standard fuel, and will not allow higher octane racing gas. If I remember correctly Roger Brophy used hi test pump gas on his twin engine Whizzer. FYI I know of a twin engine Whizzer using the new NE motors, that may run the salt flats.
Whizzer OuterBanks,
Hi Quenton Thanks for the info . My thought is to keep the fuel in the tank cooler when waiting to run. If it keeps exaust heat in it should help with the suns rays.Can you think of anything better to coat the fuel tank with. Bill
Hi Bill, If they let you, and I don't see why they wouldn't, I would use "ice Packs" across the top of the tank while waiting to run. By "ice packs", I am referring to the ones you put in the freezer [or ice chest] to put across your forehead to keep cool.
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Hi Bill, Just got some information from Terry McAllister about the process at the salt flats. I will post his comments here for you.
"If Green is going for a record run . Take an empty tank . You must buy the fuel from offical fuel supplyer . And they will seal the tank . They have all different grades of fuel .

If running " Run Whatcha Brung " you can use your own fuel . And no matter what you must pass saftey inspection .

Is he going to the main meet or Bubs motorcycle speed run . Web site is http://www.speedtrialsbybub.com/2008_event/index-2008.html "

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