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  1. srdavo

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    been looking at Staton-inc for a long time. (mainly their gearbox/chaindrive setup)
    I've heard the pros & cons about friction drive....so now I'm gonna know.
    I have several bikes that can't wear a chinese engine. (I have a cruiser with 144 spoke wheels that will wear this once!) This thing looks like a no-brainer to install. can't wait.

    aka ou812green :lol:

  2. gone_fishin

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    a new spare engine, u got a great deal...how come ya dint tell us you were bidding on that? :p

    keep us posted 8)
  3. srdavo

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    :lol:HAHAHAHA :lol:
  4. daveinblythe

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    sd i'm happy for ya hope you like I just wish i'd known you guys sooner I have detailed plans on how to build those friction drive kits----without the motor&cluch all the other parts can be gotten at auto parts store and home depot for about $40 and motors i've got them from Sears and Ace for $89 to $139 with the cluch......but I hope you are happy with it Staton-inc is the best by far and far less work

    P.S. if you want i'll hunt around on my computer for some pics of how to mount a #41 44 tooth drive sproket on the 144 14ga spook wheels they even work on the fan type also
  5. Tom

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    Nice! That looks way sweet.

    Did you use the search box at the top of the site within 30 days before you won the auction?
  6. srdavo

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    yes, Tom....this search box is my new gateway to
    Daveinblythe.....I would like to see how to mount a sprocket on some 144 spokes. I've got the 36 spoke job down now, but ya shoulda heard me the 1st time. I was cussin like a sailor! (sorry Augi....lol....laughing with you, i hope :lol: )

    also.... I'm a big recumbent fan. I have a bikeE. gotta be the most comfortable ride! airshock on the swingarm, 21 speed, (the top 2 I can only use on a good downhill) I've built a couple "no weld" recumbents from internet plans. 1 was front wheel drive. they were kinda fun but never really comfortable.
    I really dig recumbent trikes.
    check out this SUV

  7. Tom

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    Nice! I think that just put us 8 bucks closer to a new order of stickers! Thanks
  8. srdavo

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    cool..... got any stickers left?
  9. Tom

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    Yea I do, PM me or e-mail me with your address if you want some
  10. srdavo

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    Tom...I got my stickers. :D thanks