Looking for a good engine kit for my cruiser.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by joefa88, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. joefa88

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    okay so I am brand new to the engines on bikes thing. But, I am really interested in putting a small 2 stroke engine on my cruiser. I have looked on ebay, online, and in these forums. Basically, I would like some suggestions on what kit to buy, what else I will need, etc. I also do not want to spend much money, $200 or less would be good. I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

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    hi joe; welcome. we all started the same way. readread. about the least expensive is friction drive. lots of info at search. here is a kit bikemotorparts.com then you can put a weedeater or chainsaw on it and you be gone. mitch
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    $200 or less would NOT be good (pun-only)...please, read around the place, there's some interesting topics just a few down from yours...have a read in the different areas of the garage, see what's good what's bad, who's having troubles and who's riding trouble-free...

    of course, everyone here, including me, knows exactly where you're coming from, so we have a lot to share...there is quite an education to be had here, go get it :)
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    thanks for the quick reply. Im actually really looking at the engines that fit inside the cruiser frame, not the friction drive ones. any suggestions?