looking for a motorized tadpole trike......

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jtbarnes89, Sep 21, 2010.

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    ok so heres the thing.. i have a 26 inch cruiser with ape hangers and a grubbe skyhawk 2 stroke motor with a high flow filter and an expansion pipe from sick bike parts and a 36 tooth sproket.. i love this bike and ride it daily but i really want a tadpole trike motorized.. im really looking for one with a grubee motor but a honda fourstroke will work.. im in tucson az and i would like to trade plus cash but that would be lucky.. if not im willing to buy.. heres a site with a trike on it thats like the one im looking for..

    please post pics and info about offers.. and for sale trikes.. thank you

  2. jtbarnes89

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    anybody? anything??
  3. jtbarnes89

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    ??? anyplace that i can find a motorized reverse trike? or a reverse trike i can motorize??
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    jt, there are many sources for tadpole trikes, such as UtahTrikes.com. Look at their site - they advertise about a half dozen makes on their front page.

    Be prepared for sticker shock - tadpole trikes typically start at $800 plus for a VERY low end basic model, and go up from their very steeply indeed.