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    Motorized bycyles are not very well know in Canada but I believe could be useful for most of the year. Looking to find out more information in general at first. Would like to commute to work but it is about 25 miles round trip and hilly. Given that I am in my fifties that could be challenging but I am also not looking for a free ride so I am thinking electric. With gas prices and the crazy traffic in our city I am looking for an alternative.



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  3. Electric has limited range so I would go gas. If you gear down your gearing you can tackle those hills. The bad side is that you won't go so fast. But you'll get to work without breaking a sweat with money left to buy lunch.
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    Welcome Canuck!
    Electric may be the way to go in Canada. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think Canada is MB friendly toward gassers. Check the legal section and/or post.
    Hills cut the range of electrics in half, keep that in mind while shopping around. What kind of budget are you workin' with?
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    Go with gas and go small, like 25cc small. Consider the engine as an assist, and not to totally power the bicycle. You're in your fifties? Heck, when I run races, most of the 60 and 70 year old men beat me in the 10k and half-marathons :) And I'm talking foot race.
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    Just a thought here...

    This could be a situation for a tagalong / push trailer like mine maybe?

    Plenty of power for the hills and easily removable while in the snow!

    Consider all your options...