Looking for Ohio (Dayton) riders

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    Someone interested in building a bike or riding? Looking for riding buds for this spring or help them build a bike. I have a 2009 cat trike expedition trike bike with a GEBE kit, total custom with a tanaka 47cc. This is my second bike. I built a KMX first. I like recumbent trikes because of the comfort. My longest ride has been 190 miles. 120 mpg on the 47 cc. I have 4 or 5 different motors I have tried. I will post pictures of my trike soon.

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    Hey ctk! I'm over the line in Muncie,IN but would like to see a reginal ride in '10. I phoned a MB'er next door in Anderson this week. Hoping to hook up w/ him for coffee soon. As much fun as these things are, could only be better w/ a little comraderie. I've been needing to visit the AF museum your way anyway. Let's get together over there and ride next spring.
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    Talk in the spring!

    Come March and April when the snow thaws -- give me a shout. What kind of bike do you have? Maybe send a picture.


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    Good morning Terry, Happy Thanksgiving! I've been at this about 3 months now & love building 'em almost as much as riding. I've done 3 HT/Huffy jobs, sold the first. Just yesterday, I received a Grubee G4/HuaSheng kit via FedEx AND picked up a Sun Atlas Cruiser , Sun Springer fork and Suntech caliper brakes at a local bike shop. That'll be my winter project. 4X the money as any of the other builds but something I'm hoping will be sturdy, safe and dependable. I used to ride road bikes. Too many near misses with autos so that's that. City commuting and "back" roads is it for me now. Yeah, we'll hook up come Spring. Mike
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    lets ride this spring

    Hi terry my name is nate im from sidney ohio just up the road from you on I-75. just starting my first build on a 1950's hawthorne going to make it look like a board track bike. been restoring vintage bikes for a year or two. getting tired of pedaling them thought i would put a motor on one. hope to talk to you later sometime nice to have someone close to shoot ideas around with.
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    My Cat Trike Expedition

    Here is some information on my Cat Trike and some pictures are attached!

    I added a Golden Eagle Bike Engine Kit. Golden Eagle was great to work with and was very friendly and knowledgeable. I worked with Dennis and Julia.

    I wanted to do something other than a bike. I have ridden bikes all my life. I tried a trike recumbent and I am glad I did! It is very comfortable. I have gone on 150 to 200 mile rides. I get over 120 miles per gallon on a Tanaka 47cc engine. I am extremely happy with the product. Few things are ever better than advertised and this is one of them!

    I got over 1200 miles in 8 rides. The trike is 100% reliable. Wider tires provide more comfort. I can ride through gravel roads and different areas which I would normally struggle with the slimmer 35 mm tires. The wider rims offer additional stability on an already very stable trike. The custom boom that Cat Trike made for me cleaned up the front end. It was made without a front derailleur mount. Since I have a Schlumpf high speed drive I did not need the mount on the boom. With this drive I can pedal 40-50 miles per hour. I zip-tied one water bottle cage to the trike so I can carry an extra water, gas, or bike light battery. I keep extra belts, gas mixture and tools in the Cat Trike bags so I am good for an all day ride.

    I have previously built a KMX Cobra trike but it was not as good as the Expedition to work with. The build quality of the Expedition was far better than the KMX.

    I live in the Dayton, Ohio, area. If you would like to go for a ride or are interested in building one, let me know.


    Kenda NPG 2.1 Rear Tire, Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape and Sealant
    Kenda Kontact Elite 1.95 Front Tire, Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape and Sealant

    Arrow Racing Rear Rim, 37 mm wide
    Odyssey 7 Front Rim, 34 mm wide

    XT Hub 36 spoke - Rear - black, solid axle
    Hope 36 spoke - Front - red - 20 mm

    Hope, gold rotors
    13/14 black, Wheelsmith spokes front and back

    Tanaka 47cc
    14 tooth gear
    120 mpg

    Schlumpf high speed drive
    Shimano Shadow XT rear derailleur, medium cage
    LED rear lights
    LED Lupine front light
    KMX Rear Fender
    KMX Flag
    Cat Trike bags

    * painted engine mounting strap red and the motor mount black

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    Hey Mike,

    Sounds like a nice bike. If you get a chance, post/send some pictures. See you when the snow melts. Happy Holidays.

  8. ctk47

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    Hi Nate,

    Glad to hear someone is close by. Please send/post some pictures. Maybe in the Spring I will trike up your way....