MB ride from Minehead to Lynmouth

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  1. liscos439

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    I went for a ride and got carried away. I got as far as Lynouth 19 odd miles away before I got bored and came back.
    I'm not a great photographer but I took some photos along the ride and just sorted them and uploaded.


    I went up the toll road because Porlock Hill is 1 in 4. I've done it on a bicycle once but I didn't think the Happy Time, me or both of us could manage it this time. The guy at the toll booth only charged me for a bike and asked the usual questions.
    I turned off the main road and went via Brendon to avoid Countisbury Hill, also 1 in 4 but downwards. Clattered through the village of Brendon and saw a car of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and not wanting to know what they think of MBs over the border I didn't stop for photos until I was sure they hadn't noticed.
    Coasted all the way down the valley to Lynmouth and bought sticks of rock for my brother, mother and myself then went back home.
    Left at 2, got home at half 6, used a pleasingly scant amount of petrol.

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    Despite describing yourself as "not a great photographer", your photos turned out pretty well. Exmoor sure looks like a beautiful place. My only forays into Somerset were to Yeovilton (the Feet Air Arm Museum).
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    So this "magical" land that I viewed in the photos....I now know Tolkien and Lewis's inspiration in what they wrote about geography in their books.
    I loved the pictures, thanks for sharing. Be sure to share more!
  4. unior

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    That looks like a nice ride. Would be a change of scenery for kilroy and I we're used to looking at cows and horse dung lol.
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    Thanks guys, suppose I'm better than I thought.
    There is a road in Minehead called The Shires. I think it was named retrospectively though.
    One of the main industries here is the equestrian industry, just quit working in it, seen way more than my fair share of horse dung.
    The bike is now motorless, I liked it more as a pedal bike. I need to put it on another bike before I go for another ride.