Me and my motorized bike


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Aug 28, 2014
i just wan to share the story behind my motorized bike

my first bike was assembled last year (2013) and it was a black mountain bike. it has a costumized frame, vee brakes, double crown fork, extended fabricated fenders, specially designed headlights and tail lights all LED, sprocket welded to a japan stainless hub. it also was a converted head tube from standard size to over size to accomodate the double crown fork and i designed a stand for it because standard center stands cant stand the total load of my bike. i designed a ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM for it so the engine will not overheat during low speeds on high rpm, design a centralized electrical system with horn,light mounting frames and brake light (see picture)

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months have passed and the frame got broke. so i decided to build a new bike, not just build but add some improvements including extended fenders on front. battery mountings to hold the SLA battery, and fabricate my design on the FENDER FRAME. i painted it red to make it look different from my first build and also added some disc brakes to it. added my customized design rear carrier. i designed my rear rotor mounting base on the materials that i have. and also the improved engine cooling system that is very useful during trailing on the mountains with my bike buddies. (see picture)

after almost a year, while riding my bike heading home an accident happened. i was hit by a speeding motorcycle and my bike came to and end:cry:, its a total wreck. and another bad thing was, the driver of the motorcycle didnt pay me for the damage to my bike (see picture)


the frame was damaged, fenders on front is damaged, fork is damaged, tube is damaged, handle bars were damaged, front rim is damaged, engine block is damaged.

so to be able to use my bike again i need to assemble a new bike. my time limit was only 16 hours (disassembly of the old bike + assembly of the new bike) because i can only work on this bike on that weekend (saturday and sunday) because i need to go to work on monday. the limitations on this bike is the parts to be used because i need to adjust on the available parts on the nearby shop.
new parts were

- CARBON FIBER BIKE FRAME , this was the only size large bike frame available so i need to adjust my design to this
- XCM suntour fork, i need to adapt my head light mountings or design a new one
- rigida rim
-new tube
- new handle bar (easton)

i know i cant finish the fully fabricated bike on that time so i decided to finish it with a temporary but usefull build. it came out as this (see picture)


as i use several days and i noticed that the carbon fiber material is not good for the application so i gone R&D again and design a bracket that suits my needs. also fabricate the headlight frames and its centralized electrical with temporary fabricated fenders from my damaged fenders of my previous bike.

i cant apply disc brakes to the rear because of the limitations to the frame and it was carbon fiber so i will just adjust to the existing frame. after weeks i decided to buy a jackshaft kit and modify it to make it adapt to my engine bracket + with more durability upon mounting the engine and the jackshaft kit. and fabricated the costumized enduro like bike fenders that also suits my needs. now it looks like this (locked on my work bike parking lot)


and now IM READY FOR THE TRAIL :cool::devilish:

here is a picture when i was repairing the frame due to the crack produced by clamping the tensioner to the carbon fiber tube



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Dec 2, 2013
you should lock your frame and wheel, any crook that can undo a bolt can steal your whole frame and leave you with just a rear wheel