Modified Whizzer cylinders

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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Modify your existing Whizzer cylinder

    Service includes.

    Decking cylinder [removes deep tool marks]

    Cut valve seats [special tool to cut 45 degree valve seat]

    Re-cut valves [if needed]

    Lap valve into seat

    Liquid test

    Bake on special black cylinder paint

    Cure aluminum in oven

    Open & rework intake & exhaust ports

    Install progressive valve springs [if needed]

    Runs cooler, head seals better, valves seal better, spring rate corrected, porting adds more power, quicker throttle response, better gas mileage, smoother idle, and looks better [vintage Whizzer look]

    $150.00 plus shipping

    NE cylinders only!

    Have fun,