Morini on a bicycle good or bad

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  1. I have a 26 Inch beach cruiser and debating on a morini 5.8 hp engine.I heard that It has to hit 10,000 rpms to start accelerating good unless you have 20 Inch wheels to cut down the rpm's.If anyone has any experience with a morini please advise me on acceleration and top speed.Or some experiences you had using 26 Inch tires.I want to use a beach cruiser but,If this Is a problem I may be willing to switch to a stingray style bike.Guess what I am saying Is should I use a morini or a ezmotorbike set up?Just want to do my build right.

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    I have a morini on a 26inch beach cruiser and it goes like a bat out of ****.
    I am running a 56 tooth sproket on the back and it takes right off but I do have to tell you that I put light springs on the clutch so it ingages at a low rpm.The thing that i like about it is that it has the kick start and it starts first kick.But like i said it goes very fast so dont forget your helment
  3. That Is the bomb!!!!!!!! Please pm me and tell me what you have to do to get this on my beach cruiser
  4. I wanna build one.That makes the china girls look like dog food.:tt1: