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Motor-Bicycles.com is now MotoredBikes.com


Active Member
Aug 4, 2006

Well the problem with "Motor-bicycles.com" is the "-". If you are telling someone to go to "Motor-bicycles.com", how exactly do you say that? Do you say "hey, check out motor dash bicycles dot com"? And then they go type in "MotorDashBicycles.com" Or you say "Motor Bicycles dot com" and they go to "MotorBicycles.com". Both are incorrect.

We chose "MotoredBikes.com because it was the closest name available to Motor-bicycles.com without a dash.

So update your bookmarks! You will still land on this site if you type in "Motor-bicycles.com", but get in the habit of starting at "MotoredBikes.com"