Recovered motor theft

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  1. so yesterday morning at 3 am i got a facebook message from my downstairs neighbor saying that they had seen a guy running out of my apt building with a motor. sure enough i went down stairs and everything but the rear sprocket and chain tensioner was gone. after talking to a bunch of ppl and making a police report i was no closer to finding out where it was or getting it back. everybody i talked to said it was likely my neighbor so a friend of mine went and "talked" to them and miraculously my neighbor "found" my motor and parts conveniently located next to a dumpster by the local salvation army so after retreiving my motor and having to use an old piece of fuel line and my old cdi my 3 day old motor is back on my chopper. bringing my bike all the way upstairs from now on 1549222_10153261751161422_8039647953250166907_n.jpg .
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    Some good news for a change!
    That's a nice bike, looks like a dang motorcycle.
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    Good neighbors are nice to have, especially if they narc on the **** in the neighborhood that screwed you over.
    NIce bike, glad you got your engine back.
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    The way I read the story was that the neighbor that "narced" was also the thief so that would be a bad neighbor............
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    Know anyway to secure the motor to the bike so they cant take off with the motor? Im worried about a similar situation but with the tweakers at work.
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