Motorized bikes NOT allowed in Pennsylvania State Parks!

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  1. I was riding my MB on Presque Isle State Park today, as I have nearly every nice day this summer. I ride on the roads instead of the bike, hike, roller skate, and running path because I don't like to irritate everyone on the path and I can easily do the 25 MPH speed limit on the roads.

    I had eaten my picnic lunch and was headed back out of the park when a Park Police car pulled up next to me and, talking over the car's loud speaker, informed me that motorized bikes are not allowed in Pennsylvania State parks. I yelled back to the officer that my bike is Pa. legal and could he explain why. We pulled over and he told me that the Pa. DNR had been having problems with minibikes, motorized bikes, scooters, etc. in state parks. The Pa. Department of Natural Resources had therefore made a ruling against MBs in State Parks.

    I question the legality of outlawing Pa. legal MBs in Pa. State Parks. Any body want to pay for a lawyer for me to make a test case on this? I would gladly get myself arrested to test this rule in court, but I can't afford the lawyer.
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    Sorry ya had yer day messed up Mike, but think twice before you cross the Park Ranger type.

    My understanding is these guy's have a bit more clout than your everyday LEO and some will look for every opportunity to prove it. An arrest would most certainly involve impounding the bike for starters.....:thinking:
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    Everything Is Illegle In State Parks !!!!

    Thats why i boycott them , In texas drinking a beer is a offense...
    and they charge you to get in !!!!!! Forget it ......
  4. srjeeper, In Pa. the Park Police have exactly the same powers and rights as State Police. Confiscation? No, I guess I won't go there.

    Seanhan, They don't charge an entry fee here, but beer is a no no. sigh
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    yes I have worked around some of these Ranger types
    I think that they have spoiled your fun for now anyway
    I would call the main state DMV office and ask them if this was legal
    may just be the locals making up their own little laws
    these guys are also known for that at times

    ride that thing