Motorized hand Cart/registered vessel

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    I have a serious Question I am having real trouble getting any answers for.
    SO, I registered here just to post and ask!!!

    Can a motorized hand-Cart be operated with the same rules/in the same manor as a motorized bicycle givin it goes the same/similar speeds?
    And I am here in Sacramento California...
    But I am asking this question to any and all States!!!

    I am building a Forward Mounted, Flat Bottom, Micro Cabin Paddle-Wheel Boat.
    it's full definition will be established when it's complete/built and seaworthy!
    I am considering both trailer wheels as well as a full size/44" wide 1"od twin keyed kart axle to power the rear.
    using four lug tires like small lawn tractors or quads.......
    with a few 26" bicycle forks/wheels to just pull it as a trailer/cart...
    I intend to use it as both a bicycle trailer and a Hand-Cart.
    I also intend to use it as a "Motorized" Bicycle Pusher trailer and a "Motorized" hand-Cart.......

    What say you to this being legal;-?
    your input would be greatly appreciated!

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Do you have any pics?

    There is a legal forum here with all the laws for CA laid out.
    2 or 3 wheels is part of the definition of a motorized bicycle.
  3. Jax Rhapsody

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    I'm lost...
  4. wheelbender6

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    Seems a motorized hand cart could be considered "farm equipment". Farm equipment can be driven on the roads when needed. That doesn't mean you could commute into downtown SacTown on it.
    As MBR said above, check out legal sub-forum and also look into your CA laws for operating farm and agricultural equipment on public roads.