My 20" Haro Hybrid..

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    These is the latest project that I have been working on. Its a dual power, gas and electric hybrid built on a Haro 540 Air.

    The rear motor is a 23cc Goped Geosport (Zenoah) motor. The motor is mounted in the same fashion as the Goped. On a hinge that drops down onto the rear tire and drives it on a friction roller. The friction roller had to be custom made for the drive ratio that I needed. The motor itself has been worked over and starts on the first pull, everytime. Controls for the motor (ie clutch, gas, kill) have all been lifted off the Goped too. From what Ive read, this motor is supposed to be the cleanest people-moving motor in the world. Take that with a grain of salt though.

    The front wheel is a 600w Wilderness brushed hub-type motor. The three SLA 12 volters are mounted to a rack welded onto the top tube of the bike. The batteries put the bike's total weight in at a hefty 80 lbs. Plans are in the works for a much lighter LifePo or Nimh swap out. The reason for going with the SLAs was to keep the build cost down while I developed the rest of the bike.

    Here is how it works. I pull out from stop running the electric. Once to 15-20 mph, I drop the motor and cruise. The dual motor set up makes for some unique handling characteristics especially around turns. I come into high speed turns on gas till I hit the apex of the turn then I roll on the electric to bring me out. It allows much sharper turns than on the other two ht bikes that I have.

    Here are the stats:
    Top speed is around 35 mph (keep in mind, Im 6'-3" and 215 lbs)
    The range on the electric motor is about 40 miles depending on use.
    The gas milage is an unebellished 120 mpg.
    Can climb most commonly found grades at 20 mph (Swisse Alps may be a challenge though)
    Small enough to be thrown in the trunk of a car

    The bike is a hoot to ride. I live in the middle of nowhere about 8 miles from town. I ride to town cruising on gas, with occasional help from electric. Once in town, I cut the gas (kill is the red button on the end of the handlebars) I can run around town in the stealth of an electric motor while not offending the townsfolk with the sounds of a rabid chain saw.


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    here is the other side..

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    I was wondering what your rig looked like, thanks for the pics.
    Amazing to me, a big guy like you on that little bike. How did you happen to choose a 20 incher?
    It is a little squirrly with the short wheelbase?
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    I used to race these bikes waaayy back in the day. BMX racing was all the rage back then. I had bought this bike and the donor Goped in the local classifieds a few years back. The guy was clearing out the garage so I got em for next to nothing. I preferred to build on a quality bike with good strong welds and the Haro fit the build critieria.

    I had to do some mods on the forks to clear the hub motor. Setting the bike up with electric was the easiest part of the build. The controls for the electric and the gas are thumb for electric and trigger for the gas (ala Goped). This makes it for easy one handed operation of the motors. With skill, you can master the balance of the power in just a few minutes. Restarting the gas motor can also be accomplished while in motion. Just reach back and rip the starter.

    I had planned of running one of the power leads that the Goped motor has to pump juice back into the batteries. Im off this wild goose chase now. I figure the benefits gained doing this is not that much to warrant an elaborate charging system set up.

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    ...and its 50 state legal emmisson-wise. The gas motor has a California Carb compliant sticker on it (for 2001 standards, though)

    The whole thing maybe on the silver side of the PA legal grey area, too. I understand the law is more forgiving for electric bikes. I talked to two local cops and they had me for a half hour asking questions on how I built it. I ride safe and sane. Full lights, helmet and air horn. Those three are key in my book.

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    VERY cool build! Thanks for sharing. (I raced BMX back in the day, too....had a red Race, Inc frame) Where did you get that seat post mounted gas tank and how much does it hold?


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    Thanks, Warner

    I used the brackets and tank from a Goped Geosport. Then just welded it onto the seat post. Works pretty trick and holds about a quart (I think). Which is plenty of gas to tool around on. I can run all day and burn about two cups of two stroke. I have to charge up around 40 miles though.

    The bike runs great, but if either one of the power systems fail.. it aint quite the same.

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    I keep thinking about adding additional fuel capacity....the tank on the engine is good for about 20 miles on my build. I carry two of the MSR fuel bottles (good for about 20+ miles each) also. I think the EASIEST way for me to increase my range would be to buy another (30 oz) MSR fuel bottle to carry in my water bottle holder and move the 20 oz. that's in there now to one of my bags....which usually don't have too much in them.

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    I suppose if you are looking for an aux gas tank you could use one of these. You may even be able to mount two of them side by side. I think I saw someone on here use the goped gas tank as an auxillary tank mounted on the seatpost. I think goped makes a larger tank too. 2 liter I think. Keep in mind, the gas lines coming out of the goped tank is alot smaller in diameter than ht gas hose ie possible fuel starvation on ht motors. Although you could plug one of those holes with Plastex and tap a larger hole.

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    Wow that looks like it was a true project