My 6 Month Review on my $110.00 Aosom Elite II Bicycle Cargo Trailer

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    As I said when I purchased the trailer in my first review if you think you are getting the quality of a $350.00+ trailer like A Burley for $110.00 you will be disappointed.
    With that said it does have the highest weight limit (180 pounds) of all the bicycle cargo trailer on the market even the $350+ ones.
    Even though it’s not the quality of a $350.00+ cargo trailer if you want a good reliable Bicycle Cargo Trailer and don't have $350.00+ to spend this is a great trailer you will love
    It well worth the $110.00 (Shipped) I paid.
    The few thing I did not like were
    no back reflectors
    no backlights Bike Trailer 2.jpg
    the tarp was not waterproof
    no place to hook straps to.
    The few small problems I had with the trailer was
    the cheap wheel bearings, which I did have to replace at a cost of $5.00 a wheel
    The cover was not waterproof I fixed that with 2 cans of waterproofing at a cost of $20.00.
    No Backlight and or reflectors I did add 2 set of (4 total lights) back light/reflectors at a cost of $20.00
    There customer service sucks and a is waste of time
    I could not get them to answer my email questions about what size wheel bearing they use
    nor could I get an email reply for simple questions like if the cover was waterproof .

    With that said if I had it to do over again I would buy the same trailer .
    The trailer rides great when it’s empty even on a real windy day there's
    no wind drag
    no swaying left to right
    no jerking back and forth,
    it doesn't even slow down my MB
    at times I forget it’s back there.

    It pulls fine when full
    even on a real windy day
    there's no wind drag
    on swaying left to right
    when stopping, climbing uphill or going down hills there's no jerking back and forth .
    When full It does slow down my MB but more because of the weight, not the wind .
    The tires has held up great I did have to replace 1 inner tube because it had a leak in the seam other then that I have had no problems.
    The trailer is well worth $110.00 makes getting grocery's home so much easier and to be able to turn a 3+ trip grocery run into a 1 trip grocery run and get even more and no speed wobble, like I would get on my MB when I had weight in the back baskets and I now can get 8 12 of sodas, 3 gallons of milk 2 gallons of bleach, and even has room for some grocery's.
    I love my little trailer well worth the $110.00 even if it cost $220.00 it would be worth it
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    But Sam! Where's the videos of your bike with trailer???
  3. Samdallas214

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    If I had a Video camera I would but I don't have one not even 1 on my phone.
    As much as I would love to have one I'm on disability and live on less than $650.00 a month so it's simple I don't have the money to buy a video camera not even a cheap one .
    Especially since my Hoot transmission is finally on it's way out, I kept it going for 9 months and almost 1,500 miles but I will have to replace it soon this next week in fact
    I'm hoping I can get it replaced for $150.00 or less because it all I have and I will have to borrow that.
    I love to have a Q-Matic, but I just don't have the $300+ so a cheaper one will have to do.