My First Busted Spoke...


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Feb 3, 2008
and second, third, fourth, and fifth. The first one broke Friday night on the way to work, so I had probably another 7-8 miles before I got home with it. The all broke right at the nipple, but thanks to the tip about zip tieing the spokes I read here, I didn't have any problem with spokes thrashing around. The wobble got so bad I had to disconnect the rear brakes and shift to the outside gear rings to keep the chain from rubbing on the tire.

Rather than try to replace the spokes, I just gought a new wheel from my local bike shop. I figure that even if I could replace the spokes myself and true it, some of the remaining spokes were already half shot. By getting a new wheel, I was assured that it was true and all the spokes were properly tensioned.

When I get my trike, I'm definately going to have a wheel built at the shop. They thread lock the spokes so it will remain true, and it will only cost $30 with my rim and spokes.

My main problem is finding 12g stainless steel spokes. Anyone know where I can get them?
I remember seeing 12 gauge spokes at I think they only had one length though. It didn't state if they were steel or SS.
If you don't mind spending a little extra money, I really believe ya get what ya pay for with a custom spoked wheel. I kept breaking spokes too, (probly because I weigh in at around, bought a new wheel from my local bike shop, and still broke a spoke. Then I found "The Wheelmaster" out of Auburn, WA. I had him drill out, and re-lace my hub and wheel with 10 guage spokes. I don't know where they're made or out of what, but what I can tell you, is that I haven't had another broken spoke for the last 1100 miles! I don't think I ever will either...just gotta keep 'em snug....and no problem. I wish I could give you a link, but I'm not on my comp. Just put "The Wheelmaster" in your search engine. He did it for under $200, and guarantees every spoke for life. Can't beat it. :)
'Ere ye go Labrat...I figured out how to copy it from another post!
Here's The Wheelmaster's email, if ya might be interested in a custom built rear wheel. You can send him your wheel and hub, and he can lace it up with practically any spoke. My 10 guagers required that I file out the seat holes in the GEBE drive ring slightly, but snapped on VERY snug, and I have had no need to use epoxy cement, solder, or ties. The ring has stayed snug, and has self centered it's self perfectly. Just another option ya might wanna consider ;)
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Any local bicycle shop can order a steel or alloy 12ga spoked wheel. Steel anywhere from 35-40 bucks.
Any local bicycle shop can order a steel or alloy 12ga spoked wheel. Steel anywhere from 35-40 bucks.

Not here in Indy....couldn't find a shop anywhere that had anything thicker than 14 guage. There are a couple sources online, but I never could find the right 12 guage spokes for my wheel/hub combination. That's just my luck though...lmao. That's the drawback to buying the whole wheel with 12 guagers...if one breaks..then what? Another wheel?
Wow! I stand corrected...that was an assumption based on my experience with the bike shop I deal with...lucky me and am glad to have the internet for those hard to find items.
Do you guys have a feel for what percentage of folks are having problems with typical 32x14 guage bike wheel? I know GEBE does not recomended these. I don't want a heavy wheel that will rust, especialy living by the beach. Maybe the chain drive is the way to go. The bike I want to convert is a Diamondback Apex.