My First Busted Spoke...

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    and second, third, fourth, and fifth. The first one broke Friday night on the way to work, so I had probably another 7-8 miles before I got home with it. The all broke right at the nipple, but thanks to the tip about zip tieing the spokes I read here, I didn't have any problem with spokes thrashing around. The wobble got so bad I had to disconnect the rear brakes and shift to the outside gear rings to keep the chain from rubbing on the tire.

    Rather than try to replace the spokes, I just gought a new wheel from my local bike shop. I figure that even if I could replace the spokes myself and true it, some of the remaining spokes were already half shot. By getting a new wheel, I was assured that it was true and all the spokes were properly tensioned.

    When I get my trike, I'm definately going to have a wheel built at the shop. They thread lock the spokes so it will remain true, and it will only cost $30 with my rim and spokes.

    My main problem is finding 12g stainless steel spokes. Anyone know where I can get them?

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    I remember seeing 12 gauge spokes at I think they only had one length though. It didn't state if they were steel or SS.
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  4. If you don't mind spending a little extra money, I really believe ya get what ya pay for with a custom spoked wheel. I kept breaking spokes too, (probly because I weigh in at around, bought a new wheel from my local bike shop, and still broke a spoke. Then I found "The Wheelmaster" out of Auburn, WA. I had him drill out, and re-lace my hub and wheel with 10 guage spokes. I don't know where they're made or out of what, but what I can tell you, is that I haven't had another broken spoke for the last 1100 miles! I don't think I ever will either...just gotta keep 'em snug....and no problem. I wish I could give you a link, but I'm not on my comp. Just put "The Wheelmaster" in your search engine. He did it for under $200, and guarantees every spoke for life. Can't beat it. :)
  5. 'Ere ye go Labrat...I figured out how to copy it from another post!
    Here's The Wheelmaster's email, if ya might be interested in a custom built rear wheel. You can send him your wheel and hub, and he can lace it up with practically any spoke. My 10 guagers required that I file out the seat holes in the GEBE drive ring slightly, but snapped on VERY snug, and I have had no need to use epoxy cement, solder, or ties. The ring has stayed snug, and has self centered it's self perfectly. Just another option ya might wanna consider ;)
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    Any local bicycle shop can order a steel or alloy 12ga spoked wheel. Steel anywhere from 35-40 bucks.
  7. Not here in Indy....couldn't find a shop anywhere that had anything thicker than 14 guage. There are a couple sources online, but I never could find the right 12 guage spokes for my wheel/hub combination. That's just my luck though...lmao. That's the drawback to buying the whole wheel with 12 guagers...if one breaks..then what? Another wheel?
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    Wow! I stand corrected...that was an assumption based on my experience with the bike shop I deal with...lucky me and am glad to have the internet for those hard to find items.
  9. Sounds like you have a great "local bike shop" over there...hehe
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    Do you guys have a feel for what percentage of folks are having problems with typical 32x14 guage bike wheel? I know GEBE does not recomended these. I don't want a heavy wheel that will rust, especialy living by the beach. Maybe the chain drive is the way to go. The bike I want to convert is a Diamondback Apex.
  11. Yeah, but that's not always an escape from the "delicate" spoke problem. After all, most chain drives don't drive a freewheel either. They too mount the wheel sprocket by straddling the spokes with compression, rubber cushion, and bolts. Although the spokes are driven closer to the hub, there are still numerous spoke breakage problems with the chain drives as well. Tough spokes are truly the answer here...just my opinion. You can still go with a light weight alloy rim...I'm running a Sun Rhyno Lite, (had to drill the holes out just a smidge), but love my 10 guage spokes!:D
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