my rack mounted belt drive

My second bike, first is an old schwinn cruiser with the bike bug friction drive. I will post some pics of that bike later. I needed something more reliable to commute back and forth too work. The friction drive was ok but wet conditions caused the drive wheel to slip. Round trip to work is about 8 miles I can get there in about 15 minutes faster coming home, its all down hill. I got the engin kit from golden eagle and am very satisfide with thier products. The only problem was on the drive ring, not staying centered problem was solved with some PEX water pipe sold at Menardes located by the PVC pipe. I found the low spot on the drive ring and measured dow to the rim cut the Pex pipe a little bigger, cut a sice down the PEX with a razor knife and sliped it over the spoke. Then cut 17 more the same size and went all the way around the ring, the last few might be tight and you may have to file a little off. I will post a picture. I heard this problem could also be solved with larger spoks but this is cheeper, one length of PEX was enough to do my wheel at a cost of $1.68. Worked for me and weigh 325 and pull a trailer. Ride on, Bud


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Do you mean that red reserve tank? I want to do that too.

It looks real comfy.
Hmmm! Nice going Bud, it seems that would really hold and stiffen the wheel up. I run 12g spokes but may consider your innovation as insurance.