My thoughts after my first bike build!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fly1, Jan 28, 2015.

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    My first build is done for the most part. Oh I drive it but I,m still adding a few things here & there.
    But I,m already looking to build #2.I have learned a lot from you guy's & a big thanks.

    But this is what I have taken in, reading all this & that. The first thing most people want to do is modify there engine.

    (I want to go faster). Ok I can under stand that thinking after years of different racing in my back ground.

    I,m past that now, & that I,m older, but I will touch some on that thinking. The two biggest things I want from
    my bike are dependability & enough tork to climb the large hills I live in.But there again I don,t want it to
    run at snail speed on flat ground.

    This is my plans to get both. When I finish break in the engine will get port matching, no raising ports, but
    better bearings, I will a line & straighten crank & true it in my lathe if necessary. I will also check & correct
    balance as best I can. I did put a Fred head on it for better cooling & raise compression some but set it at

    So that takes care of making the engine more dependable. Now I plan on installing a shift kit. That gives
    me my hill climbing problem with out a limit to flat road speed.I just do not under stand modifying a
    direct drive bike to turn high rpms & cut down on reliability just to get more speed when a shift kit will do the same
    with out all the rpms.

    I would think a mild blue print dependable engine with a shift kit would run plenty fast if that's what
    a fellow wants for the street.Your thoughts on my thinking on this.