Need a motorcycle after a motored bike?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by autobo7, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. autobo7

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    Well, I've had my bike for a little more than two months and its defintly the funest toy i have ever had. Once I had it up and running I couldn't help but get a smaller sprocket to add a little more speed... then i got a bike with smaller prfile tires to cut down on rolling friction(not very comfotable but it does give you a little more pep), I also did the clutch mod with the roller which was a brilliant idea, props to who ever figured that one out:grin:

    I would continue on the tuners path, but my brakes really can't slow me fast enough and I am pretty high off the ground so if they could I would probably have a date with the pavment then next time I had to stop quick. Also the laws around here say i should stay under 25(Im not doing that right now:oops:) Now that i have got a taste for 2 wheeled speed I must admit I am very seriously considirering getting a 150cc scooter or even a real motorcycle.

    Im curious how many people started out with their motored bike and moved on to buy a motorcycle? or are at least thinking about it? Or if you had a motorcycle and came over to the dark side:evil:

  2. graucho

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    Hi autobo7, Well I rode road cycles for 23 years, then mini choppers for 8. Then motored bikes for a few. I must be going backwards?
  3. I went from Motorcycle to Motoredbike.
    You're still a young-an. Get a Hayabusa.(Sarcasm. A Hayabusa is for EXPERIENCED riders)
    Any more mods to your bike at this point is bordering on the dangerous.
    I mean just the tires by themselves aren't designed for sustained 40 mph speeds. Sure you can do down a hill faster but for miles and miles? Then add in the engine vibrations.
    Remember what a Motoredbike is. Don't turn it into a Motorcycle or even a scooter.
    After a ride on a motorcycle on the highways,you'll appreciate your motoredbike for what it is.
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  4. RdKryton

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    It's funny that we older guys are going the other direction. I had a bike back in the 1970's. I got hurt so now I'm on a Whizzer. I still want to go faster but it takes too long to heal after I fall so I will stay with the motored bikes. At least I won't be going 60mph if and when I hit the asphalt again.

  5. fetor56

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    I've got 2 motorbikes & i much prefer my motored bikes....their more fun & much cheaper to run & maintain.About the only time i use other transport now is when i want to lug anything big or heavy around.
    Like RdKryton said,your going forewards & were going backwards cos we've already been there.
  6. Jim H

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    I've had lots of motorcycles and quit riding in the late 80's. Got the bug for another but traffic had changed to the point that I wasn't willing to chance getting creamed by the younger or older drivers...gas prices also figured into the equation and I just wanted to stick it to the man...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! BTW, I also have a 50cc scooter and I prefer my motored bikes over it for the shear fun factor.
  7. Tom

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    I went from a motorized scooter to a motored bike to a dirt bike then to a street bike. If you are into motoredbikes, chances are that you are going to also be a fan of motorcycles. I love riding motorcycles, but theres still nothing like riding a motoredbike.
  8. sparky

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    I own a Corolla. I always wanted to sell it and get a motorcycle or a truck since I couldn't afford both.

    Now that I've got a taste of motored biking, I can much more easily move toward buying a little truck to haul things around in, take me long distances, & keep me safe from bad weather. I prolly will buy a motorcycle one day, but it's going to be a looong time.

    Motored bikes & trucks for life!
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    I've had a fair amount of motorcycle experience. I've had a handfull of them and put an awful lot of miles on one of them, in particular. But when I started raising a family the motorcycles lost their usefullness. I was forced back into automobiles.

    Now we've become a motored-bike family. We have two at the moment and more to come. (Probably electrics for the kids) There's no way at all that we could each have our own motorcycle. Well, maybe it's do-able (except for our 14 yr old), but it wouldn't be very convenient or cheap.

    Theres' a small, vertical twin Honda in my driveway right now. The only thing I use it for is to lock up the motored-bikes at night.

    I doubt if I'll ever keep a motorcycle up and running again. I can't see the need. The bikes give me that "fun factor" just as much as any motorcycle did. And for trips of any length I'm forced into my pickup truck anyway.
  10. eltatertoto

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    im definately going into bikes. my dad has 2 harley softails (86) one has a 127 inch in it. it just runs in the blood. i love riding the harleys on the backroads. but the motored bike gives me a fun factor also. its just that i think ill get a harley, cause theyre far more reliable then a motored bike.
  11. autobo7

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    yeah my dad had a few Harleys over the years, but mum made him sell them off after he wiped out and broke his sholder. I really want one because I cant really take my motor bike out of town on the highway safely. I know the risk factor is much higher with a motorcyle but a little honda scooter or a rebel is looking mighty tempting right now..
  12. MoonKS

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    I have had several two stroke scooters - a Lambretta, Vespa and a Stella. When I had my first daughter (4 years ago) my wife was really apprehensive about me riding them (I could go 70 MPH no problem on them but didn't take them on the highways).

    Since getting my Whizzer I am having fun with a different style of ride - it seems to be more than a motored bike - more like a mini-motorcycle.

    I considered getting a Honda Silverwing (big 600cc scooter) for road trips and touring - but I think I would like to get an old pre-war motorcycle of some kind - maybe a Vincent, Motom, Velocette, Douglas, Indian or Harley....there are tons out there - lots of stuff for sale in Great Britain - not sure how much the shipping would cost. But that is a bit in the future.

    Hey, I turn 40 this year and complete my PhD. Maybe I can convince my wife to let me get one as a gift for my achievement of living this long and getting my degree completed! I don't think she'll buy that one... :p