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    Hello Im new to MB,
    My name is Robert, Im in FL,
    I started making a motor bike on a I-Zip electric bike as a donor...
    I like the Currier bike line, since there frame is well made.
    I got my rear mount kit with a Honda 50cc motor from
    But I have called them twice and Email'd them a few times, and
    The Voice Mails and Emails are to no answers....
    I got all the Electric stuff off had to custom a few parts because things Didnt fit as Planed.... I got the pic of the frame on there and Im using the Gear from the Izip Its a one way gear that can let me Idle, ....

    My Kit was the Honda GXH-50cc and a SkyHawk Gear set up..
    Iam now stuck with really only a few Questions left till I can Bolt the Rest up and Hope to get this MB on the road....

    The Frame will have bolts on the pic VS zip tie's
    (hard to miss the green ties) :)
    the Clutch .. When I put that into the Skyhawk am i ment to see the Spring, or does the part were i see the spring go down ?? (I feel its better to ask then Kill my toy..)

    My motor only has one nipple on the carb area, as seen on the pic.
    I can only assume thats for the gas..

    and this Black thing.... This is a fuel diaphragm (if I spelled right)
    My buddy was saying my motor is a gravity feed gas... That True?


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    First...PM Jeremy from's a member here(user name:biketec) & see what he's got to say.Wasn't any instructions/pics included with your kit purchase?

    Anyways i'll start: the clutch has the spring on the outside & visible....clutch can also be flipped over for more even can also be drilled for later engagement;but that's up to u.This info is based on the G2(not G3 like yours) but i can't imagine anything changing.
    You carb looks to be a Honda carb with onboard shutoff valve but please supply more detailed pics of the engine/carb setup,preferably from different angles.
    Generally if the fuel tank is above carb level it's NOT a diaphram carb(no need for it)
    PM Jeremy. :grin5:

    Pic courtesy of Irish John:
  3. rifka83

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    Ok Very NIce,
    Thanks fetor56 for getting back to me ASAP...
    The Fule tank is not the Honda tank, its just a seprate 2 hose tank,
    But my carb only has the once Nipple...

    The paper work is such a mess, the Fed-X guy was playing ball with my box or the company just put a old rip'd one in my box.. the back pages had oil on them, it was kinda a GRRR moment,

    from what I can see the motor is 100% stock, but the gas tank was removed.. OR never put on..
    I just try'ed to call the company again,
    I let them know on the VERY first email, and phone call one part was sent bad, I didnt want a repalcement, I just let them, know.
    I was able to compermise and get the motor mount up and nice and tight for the motor.

    its sad, even when a person Spends $570.00 I still cant get any help. Besides forum's... That the last Human life line.. But we can even get pics, so in a way its better, .. :D
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  4. fetor56

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    You can either return the Honda carb that came with the engine for a proper DELUXE non-genuine diaphram carb,or keep that carb & have the tank above carb level with just a single fuel inlet hose(the other hose u cap-off )
    2 hose tanks are meant for diaphram carbs with 2 nipples;1 for fuel from tank to carb/1 for excess fuel return to tank)
    My personal choice would be to get the DELUXE diaphram carb cos it's more versatile........your decision though.
    Good luck & i HOPE someone from gets back to you.....NOT good enough.

    BTW...the reason a stressed DELUXE carb is that i did a test on their standard carb:
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    fetor, because I think way to much since I just got off work.. My
    brain is still Doing 150mph...

    The Diapham is only If the CARB has the two nipples... (Right?)
    and since My Honda GXH50cc only has one nipple, then I only need the one Fuel Line..
    Since I Dont want to put anymore money into this Project, Im going to stay with the Stock Carb on the honda.

    If I under stand this Right Ill need to put the Tank on the Top(or above) of the motor. So the fuel is being gravity fed? Right?

  6. fetor56

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    That's basically how it all works.
    If your going to keep the carb you'll need to have the tank above carb level so that fuel can flow freely under gravity to the nipple.You can experiment around with "just how low can i get the tank until fuel stops flowing" if u like.
    One thing i don't understand without more pics is has any throttle linkage been setup, cos genuine Honda carbs come without linkage?(u have to make one up yourself)
  7. rifka83

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    The kit came with the linkage... *cheers* something looks Right for once...
    I Just got up, and trying to run to work... I work a full 14 hr day. so It will be tmaro when I get to try and try to set the rest up...

    Thanks for your help, ill let u know first thing..
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    HEY FETOR, I got the motor Running Kinda set up , Ummm u can say Test set up...
    I got the Gas tank on a old chair, with hose Running Down ward... to motor,
    Got the kill switch set up... Nothing, So I said *GRRR*,,, I pondered, SUCK!!!!
    so I did a little suck on the gas line to (pre feed) so to the gas line to the carb...

    on the 2nd pull, the motor came ALOT!!! *did happy dance* , Then played with the gas a little, Tested the motor (check)

    Now was all happy USed the kill switch.... .... ..... checked all wires ........
    *getting* BIG HAMMER smack smack, .... crunch......

    So I need a kill switch that works..... and a chain Cuter/resize'er and Im done...

    Im kinda late for work,, but Ill get some pics up after work...

    Honda 50cc Izip donor.... Rear mount,
    Woot woot..
  9. fetor56

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    Whatever height u settle-on with your tank make sure fuel flows FREELY.Yours is a non-diaphram/non-pumping/non-sucking carb(without a primer bulb) so height is important.Good news is the Honda carb is superior to the diaphram u were supposed to receive.
    With correct chain length u can either use an angle grinder or do what i do(hammer & nail punch)...OR buy a proper chain-breaker.
    Isn't the kill switch on the throttle?....if not seperate kill switches are readily available...use a simple on/off toggle switch....use this:

    Anyway keep at it,good luck.........looking foreward to those pics. :grin5:
  10. rifka83

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    PICS PICS!!!!!!!!! after i saw the pic from my computer,
    I noticed the battery the battery is not hooked up to anything,

    I use that for Wire testing for LED's, to a solar panel..
    My car got lots of Lights.. :)

    This is the pic of my gas tank mod and The Temp Set up.

    I know one to use a kill switch 1 wire = power and other wire = grd..
    were do i ground on this motor or do i ground to bike frame..??

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  11. rifka83

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    I cant not seam to get the kill switch to work...

    Here is a pic , the Black wire turns into a *y*

    and the yellow wire is a low oil warning, I not worry'ed about that wire really..

    Im not sure if im not finding a Ground or ....... GRRR.....

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  12. fetor56

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    Connect the open Y part of the black wire to one side of the kill switch and the other side to ANY earth(ground) source(engine/frame,it doesn't matter as long as there is an uninterrupted circuit between the two)
    Using the kill switch shorts-out the electrical system & that's's meant for it.
    If u like u can test this by starting your engine(first reconnect that little switch box) & touch the bare part of the black wire to your'll die.
  13. fetor56

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    BTW...tank looks ok...not sure of the setup but u should be using the fuel line that has a filter at the end of it.
  14. rifka83

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    Umm.. my Kill switch has 2 wires...
    Its 145 am I just got home from a 14 hr work day... *signs*
    Ok I got a idea so ill Get back after I get up from sleping a little...
    working on the motorbike with no sleep is not good at anymeans....

    O and by the way the company I got my bike kit from
    STILL WONT ANSWER ANY CALLS , well i get a human but no Tech Support,
    and still no answers to any of my emails....

    ""fetor56"" You are the best....
    Thanks for the help, :D

  15. fetor56

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    "working on the motorbike with no sleep is not good at anymeans"
    More than that it's a recipe for sleep/bad mood/rushing, & before u know it :ack2:
  16. rifka83

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    ok ((((THE KILL SWITCH WORKS ))) YAY.. *does happy dance*

    This is the motor with Tanny on the Mount...

    now my wonderfull from
    the clutch and gas cable are about 3 feet short EACH!!!!!!
    this really BAD!!!

    now im going to go to the local bike and motorcycle shop to see if I can get a set like ASAP!! *ponders* Homedepot, Its just Tiny Metal cable.. Right?

    Here is a few pics with the motor and all... (mod'ing Gas tank mount)
  17. rifka83

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    O mr F as you said It took about a FULL hour.. as u said play and test with the gas tank to see how low it can be.... That was kinda Fun hearing the different sounds..... AS it kinda needed more gas... Im going to look sunday at the auto stores to see if I can just buy a bigger gas can so I dont need a lifter box or (thing) to raise it..

    and the weld on the motor mount SUCKS gotten from

    the weld is so close to the Beam, that I cant screw in one of the other screws, so I used ALOT of Lock tight on the other 3 bolts.... :D:D:D

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  18. rifka83

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    fetor56!!! Im about to leave for work again.. .as normall.

    I got the Shyhawk, on the motor, and I DID put that little, Pin on the motor shaft since it Fits so nice and TIGHT!!!, and then the clutch then the ... well I got it on nice, But its kinda Noisey.....
    Its that normal, or are these things like quite, or just noisey...

    my clutch and gas cable is to short but I called homedepot and they do have the wire I need so Im going to make my own, longer ones..

    -Robert, PICS tmarro Morning, of the mods if I make time to get them done.
  19. fetor56

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    Robert,i realize your keen to get this project completed but don't rush....hasten slowly or you'll eff it up.
    That 4th bolt for the motor mount REALLY needs to go in.File(or do whatever it takes) to get it to fit...a secure motor is ESSENTIAL.
    Tranny noise is normal....after about 100mls it will quieten-down but always expect some noise.Grease the tranny,don't run it wet.
    Mounting the fuel tank is going to be a problem but i'll wait for YOU to see what's available.
  20. rifka83

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    Its 232am I just got home....
    Via the mount, to bolt all four bolts, I will have to Grind a Good amount off the main Beam on the mount.

    The company I got my Kit from really is a joke... I cant beleave How poor of a job the workship is.

    The Gear box I used Lucas Gear Lube. I was told from the auto parts store ITS the Top of the line. for what I was doing...

    So I got it for right about. 10$ a Quart. USA$

    Were I work the one machanic thats are welder looked at it today when I brought the motor and he LOL... He was saying the comany Didnt Line the hole's Right, Its Slightly, off center.. Not Much but Just a hair.. he told me since its a chain, Drive that its not a problem, He told me if I was using a Belt then I would have to Bondo the holes and remake them.

    Since I have to MOD my cables Im going to Removed the motor once more and Try and shave the one hole... a little... Ill see how it works,

    *takes a fast break* Looking for Grinding stone

    Find's old box.... OMGoodness... I did find a old Grinding stone Drill bit...
    OK fetor I did find this grinding BIT.... so in the am ill try and open the hole.. some... YOU know Ill be putting some EPIC PICS on this...
    Till then, I hope I can sleep...

    Night everyone...