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    I had problems with the short cateye bar end mirrors. My hands are big and would bump the mirrors and I was always adjusting them. Theres just not enough room on bicycle handlebars. Being a full sized adult male, my shoulders are too wide to see the rear view image with the standard clamp on mirrors, and the cateye mirrors were too short to see what was behind me without moving my head around. I found these chrome mirrors on ebay. I can now actually grip my throttle without disturbing my mirrors setting. Here they are installed on my bike. If you need a nice set of mirrors for your motorized bike these willl work real nice! The vendor has a few sets for sale. I like them so much I bought 2 pair. Without a doubt these are THE best bar end mirrors that I've ever mounted on my motorized bicycle and I've owned quite a few sets of mirrors!

    ebay Item number: 190502238594 - NOS Bar End Mirrors CB160 R5 RD350 CB750 Made Japan 7/8 $19.99 FREE SHIPPING

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    how are they mounted, i bought a miror but it fell apart from vibrations.
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    "how are they mounted, i bought a miror but it fell apart from vibrations."
    They install inside of the handlebar tube. To install you insert into the end of the handlebar and tighten the nut. As the nut tightens a metal wedge opens inside the handle bar and locks the mirror into place. The mirror has 2 nuts. Theres a crimped nut on the expanding end that is hard to turn because its crimped on. Remove and replace with a nut that will turn freely. If you do this the mirror will tighten a lot better inside the handlebar. Tightening the mirror end nut makes the inner nut expand the plug locking the mirror in place. If you hand grips are closed on the end which they probably are, you'll need to cut off the end caps or whatever. A hacksaw works very well on rubber hand grips, then sand the cut end smooth. Before you remove the hand grip, hold the mirror up to the grip and measure about how far the mirror will insert into the handle bar. Mark the grip, remove the hand grip then then cut. You may have to cut the plastic throttle sleeve down a little too. Its best to cut the throttle side grip a mm or so shorter so the mirrors washer wont rub against the grip when you twist the throttle. Insert plug end into handlebar and tighten the outer nut. No instructions come with the mirrors so here they are for those that need them.
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