Need wide crank arms: vendors are asleep!

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    Need wide crank arms

    For my current build - a 2012 Giant "Simple Single" cruiser bike with a Huasheng 4-stroke and EZM Q-Matic - I need to get some crank arm clearance. My bike came with a 3-piece crankset with a 68mm shell width (sealed cartridge) bottom bracket. Ideally, I want to use the existing BB, and attach those "outwardly-bent" crank arms to the BB via its square spindle ends.

    Most sites where I've found these wide crank sets online provide virtually no detail about the products: what BB spindles they'll fit, the number of teeth in the attached chainrings, how much clearance the sets will provide, stock status - basic stuff.

    But both emails and phone calls for information have been deadends: no responses to emails or site contact form inquiries. And no returned phone calls when I've left voicemail messages. I've been around the MB hobby long enough to know that customer service isn't anywhere near a priority with most vendors, but this is really frustrating!

    Does anybody know of a supplier of wide crank arms? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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    The measurement on these cranks is from center of the square taper to the center of the pedal hole. 170 mm is a pretty standard crank length so they are not considered "shorty" nor do they offer an excessive off set like what is used for clearance on most 4 stroke applications.