New Engine Running Problem

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    This is my third build and I haven't come across this problem yet.
    Ok.. I started my engine for the first time the other day. i only ran it for a couple of minutes at idle. now i am trying to actually ride it and break it in but it will only run stong when I move the choke up and down while giving it gas. If the choke is open i can ride it with little power but the engine doesn't die at least. When i run it with the choke closed it will idle but when i give some gas is bogs and dies until i let go and let it idle again.. I looked at my plug and it is oily around the threads and dark powdered on the middle.. any tips would be great. I'm lost. mixer is 25:1 I'm going to move my carb pin thing up one notch and see if that helps..

    Ride fast, take chances.

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    My first guess would be mixed gas being over 2 weeks old.

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