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    As a kid growingup in the 50s, I think I may have given away my age, some of the older guys had motorbikes. I'm not sure if these were home built or from some store. Myself I never had one. A few years ago I ran into a couple that each had one, they kept them on their boat and used them for transportation when they docked at places they visited. They told me they had bought them but I failed to get the make, etc. Recently I decided to search and see what I could find out about motorbikes, motorbike kits, gasoline vs electric and all that stuff. One of my searches brought me here. I will be doing a lot of reading of post will probably have questions and may decide to build a bike.

    Thanks, Bob

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    welcome aboard Bob
    there is a wealth of info here, and people willing to help answer your questions.
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    jump on in the waters fine.